Daily Archives : September 1, 2011

Simply Cody Sai


Based out of New York city Cody Sai, though still relatively new to the design business, is not unheard of.  In addition to his Charleston Fashion Week showing, Sai was featured along side industry favorite Thakoon, in a 30 minute feature by NHK World TV.  The feature dubbed him the New Ace to Thakoon’s Old Ace, and revealed that the two designers, both of Asian descent, use the same seamstresses though in different quantities.

Sai got his training via Koos Van Den Akker, who is a Dutch born designer, and the Fashion Institute of Technology and currently works at the Jed Root Inc Agency.  His pieces are currently stocked in Red Market, a salon in New York.

We take a moment to chat with Sai about his Fall collection, aesthetic, and plans for the future.