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As fashion month is going on the power of the blogger is continually felt as more and more are not only being admitted into shows but are even sitting front row. Marcus Mason is one of those bloggers, now sitting at the helm of his recently launched blog, MarcusMayhem, after a brief hiatus from the world of WordPress.  Known for his mix of labels as well as his eclectic personality, we asked Marcus a few questions in regards to the direction of his new blog, his life, and the fashion industry at large.
What have you been up to since making your exit from your blog, Confessions of a Fashion Addict?

I’ve been working on a few projects with fashion houses assisting as a Visual Merchandiser. I’d never done that kind of work previously but it has definitely been a great experience as it has broadened my artistic eye. I’ve also been keeping up with blogging by moving over to tumblr.

Your new blog, Marcus Mayhem, feels very familiar to the aesthetic of CoaFA, what should we expect that’s different between the two?

If the new name should be any indication, Marcus Mayhem is going to turn things up a notch! You can expect the same sort of content, plus some new added features which will reveal themselves over the course of the next few months.

Will you be attending the shows in NY this month? If so, which ones are you looking forward to?

Yeah definitely! I always look forward to Rad Hourani and Robert Geller.

Concept Korea Spring 2012 - source: MarcusMayhem.com

Are you currently working on a collection or can we expect one from you?

My collection debut will come for Pre-Fall 2012. I’m really excited to move into this new medium of creation. And it makes sense for my brand as Pre-Fall is my favorite season!

There seems to be this sort of convergence of fashion and music now more than ever before, what are your thoughts about this?

I LOVE IT!!! The marriage of fashion and music is something that has always gone hand in hand for me. You can’t have a runway show without music. There’s a relative energy in music that I think everyone can sense. I’m glad music culture is finally starting to find a more prominent place in the fashion world.

When you’re not blogging, tweeting, and going to music festivals what takes up your time?

I practice yoga, meditation, sketch & run. I enjoy keeping active when I’m not on my ass blogging all day.

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