NYFW | Theysken’s Theory SS/12

In Fashion & Photography

Even though Olivier Theyskens has only been in New York for a short period of time, (He moved from Paris a little more than a year ago.) he has the NY cool girl uniform down to a science. Theyskens Theory’s mix of commonplace trendy staples like the boyfriend jeans (and Theysken’s innovative new jean silhouette, a drop waist/high waist hybrid), slouchy t-shirts, heavy knits, mini-dresses and trench coats and glam more fashion-forward pieces like the couture-influenced green and gold tweed-y jacket with iridescent crystal embroidery and holographic pants in the same colors, with high-heeled combat boots and a few sharp, structured handbags, has a subdued flirtatious feel.
Theysken told the press, “She’s a bit rock ‘n’ roll, without BEING rock ‘n’ roll,” he noted “She’s not too obvious. She’s not an actress or anything. She’s a girl you’d see on the street, and think, ‘Now, SHE looks interesting!“

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