Introducing Malaika Raiss

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It’s already January which means it’s time to start planning our spring and summer wardrobe! A label that has caught my eye is Malaika Raiss.

Started in Berlin, Germany the Malaika Raiss girl is positive, strong, soft as well as edgy if needed. The line focuses on a clean silhouette which is a blend of innovative fabrics and finishings to create a new look. The current Spring collection is inspired by the eccentric lifestyle of the Studio 54 era. The absence of colour plays a huge role in their collections; the MR motto is that colour should not distract from the focus(structured yarns and fabrics, surfaces, prints and unique visual effects). While the only inklings of colour are the light pastels, the clothes aren’t drab or boring. One is definitely able to focus more on the various textures and the construction of each piece. Their online store is set to launch in early spring.

Visit the Malaika Raiss.

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