Rynshu Fall 2012

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For his Fall-Winter collection Rynshu Hashimoto’s predominate colour was black, shown in coats, blazers, jackets and pants. Black and white horizontal stripes were also a big feature, shown as an accent on sleeves of coats as well as on a dress and a two-piece suit of a waistcoat and trousers. Pants shown in the collection were a mix of tailored and harem pants with a dropped crotch that were baggy on the thigh and then fitted from below the knee, somewhat resembling those worn in the 1920’s.

Gold was also a major feature in the collection that provided a strong contrast against the black and was shown in the form of pants, shirts and blazers. Other colours such as red and white were also shown, along with a few prints and patterned elements.

Simple, small details added a lot to this collection, such as the inclusion of the Rynshu “R”, shown in a few of the jackets, as well as oversized/wool collars.

Simple accessories such as black straps around the neck, hats, round framed sunglasses and scarves were shown and calf length boots were mainly shown on male models, whilst the majority of the womenswear was shown with knee-length boots.


-Brett Murray Foxcroft

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