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YSL: Stefano Pilati out, Hedi Slimane in.

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Suzy Menkes made the announcement yesterday: Hedi Slimane would be announced as the new creative director for the Yves Saint Laurent brand on Wednesday. She was right.

Today, not even a week after the official announcement that Stefano was out, the brand made the official announcement that Hedi, who directed the brand before for a short term, would return. Hedi helmed the brand twelve years ago, and has been and will continue to pursue a career in photography.

There is no official word on Pilati’s future. With no eponymous label, the designer who struggled not only with the YSL brand history but also the YSL tea has many options. Some rumour that he will be installed at another brand in this game of fashion musical chairs.

Damir Doma Fall 2012

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damir doma 007
Orange set the tone to Damir Doma’s first womens’ collection. While not received as a strong debut or at least in comparison to his men’s established look. The designer has gained momentum and practice. This fall 2012 marks Doma’s fourth season in the women’s wear circuit and a warmer shade of orange has reappeared. A very faint olive, old-plum, and dusty-salmon were all colors that might make this collection his most colorful to date.

The first portion of the collection delivered a boyish outerwear that seemed almost quite English. A U-Shaped varsity jacket was paired with relaxed riding pants. Smashed conductor velvet caps remained slanted on the models’ heads. High collars as well as turtleneck layering reinforced the masculinity that will hopefully continue in upcoming collections by the Croatian born designer. A velvet cape took us back to a very gothic England and the crucifix gave it the seal of old world.

While the cuts are becoming slightly more restraining at the label. The relaxed craftsmanship and heavy-drape layering will continue to dominate the Damir Doma  look.