Raf Resumes the Reigns, Now at Dior

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It’s been a long time coming.
The fashion industry has waited for over a year with almost bated breath – I say almost purely because at first it was and then it became more exasperated than bated – for the announcement of who would take a seat at the creative helm of Dior after it was vacated by John Galliano due to anti-Semetic comments, unbecoming of one in a position of power at LVMH.  Names like Riccardo Tisci, Marc Jacobs and Haider Ackerman were all at one time or another considered to be front runners, yet each was systematically denied for some reason or another. And now we know: Raf Simons has moved from his creative directive roles at Jil Sander – to be replaced by Jil Sander herself – to take the helm at Dior, designing womenswear and couture.

The announcement certainly elicited a “quelle surprise” from some parties; taking a man known for his minimalism and putting him at a house known for it’s exhuberance, it’s what can only be described as an interesting choice. And then once one considers the fact that though Bill Gayten’s designs havent won over many critics, it certainly has sold in stores, one might wonder why exactly would Bernard Arnault choose Raf?

While we certainly can’t tell you, we can say that the choice will give a bit of insight into Raf’s talent. Presenting his first collection for the label in the summer for Couture, Raf will have to show whether his knack is for minimalism or for understanding and revitalizing aging brands. My bet is on the latter.

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