5 Minutes with Edward Turner of Pegasus Bridge

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Pegasus Bridge, one of the most buzzed about bands in the UK have just finished playing their last show. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. PB has released a concert DVD for fans to remember them by. While the band has split you haven’t quite seen the last of lead singer, Edward Turner just yet. Already working on new material I catch up with the singer, on what he is working on now, His collaborations with Burberry, Pegasus Bridge and ultimately what’s next.

You guys recently just did your last show, what was that like for you?
Edward: It was undeniably a great last show for the band. I think it was the best possible way to end a chapter of our lives which most of us had been involved in since school.
While Pegasus Bridge is on a hiatus, you’ve been working on some material. Can you tell us about what you’re working on?
ET: I’ve been writing some songs in my spare time, and they’re quite varied. There are some love songs, some sad songs, some really upbeat songs and some really dark ones. I’m really enjoying the freedom of being able to write whatever I want, in whatever style I want, for whomever I want. For me, much of the writing process takes place on an acoustic guitar, so as a sort of guideline for this first batch of demos I thought it would be apt that the main instrument be acoustic guitar. I’m afraid that’s about as specific as it gets! In my experience of writing in a band, the songs have to sound a certain way, so now I’m being as diverse as I dare to be.

What has been some of your inspiration for the new material?
ET: Some of the songs were written during last few months of the band, some are brand new ones. I’ve always thought it important to tell a story, and that will always be the case. In my opinion, you haven’t got a song unless you’ve got something great to start with, whether that be a theme for the song, a lyric, a chorus line, or something you just started humming but sounds wicked. I spend a lot of time humming.

Have you been experimenting with various different sounds from PB?
ET: That’s a really interesting question. For the songs that were released as PB, the writing process generally happened in a certain way. I’d show the guys some of the songs I had been working on using my little 8-track in my room and we’d pick a few that sounded like they would work for the band and then changes or additions might be made.
I still work from that 8-track for song ideas, and those ideas aren’t miles away from ones that have started PB songs, so I suppose in some respects it isn’t that different. Having said that, in terms of sound I’ve been writing with just about everything from an oboe to my trusty ukulele, so of course it’s going to sound different!
In a band like Pegasus, because our sound was predominantly upbeat and positive, there wasn’t much room for slow or sad songs, so I have a few of those stashed up.
I’m just excited to be doing some writing.

Are you working with any specific producers or collaborators?
ET: Yeah, but at this stage, I can’t really say too much.

When can fans first expect to hear your new music?
ET: Very soon. Between now and the end of the year there are going to be a few new things appearing. I have a website. I’ll be putting up blogs occasionally, with new songs and some videos.

You’ve been working with Burberry & Jack Willis, what’s that been like for you, have you always been into fashion?
ET: Both have been extremely kind to us. We were lucky enough to play some amazing Jack Wills events and they have always been incredibly generous when it comes to their clothes. The Burberry connection happened when Christopher Bailey contacted us after he had seen an acoustic video that my good friend Duncan Howsley and I shot in my garden. I went down to Burberry HQ and had a good chat with him pretty recently.


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