Spring | Burberry Prorsum SS13

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Homme Mode BPSS13z16 1
Christopher Bailey, a man who continually introduces men to new fabrics and designs in menswear, presented a collection with a focus on metallic silk fabrics in purple, yellow, blue and a variety of others, making up everything from shirts, bags, pants, coats and jackets.

Pants came in a classic Burberry tailored slim fit and iconic Burberry tench coats were also shown along with jackets featuring bold metallic details or bomber jackets with the same ethnic prints seen on the shirts and shorts.

Accessories included metallic leather envelopes and sunglasses with blue, yellow and brown frames. Printed ties, metallic sandals and simple black and brown brogues were also shown. Tote bags were also a feature, in bronze, aqua, sapphire and ruby as well as Burberry’s classic tartan.

The collection was, as always, impeccably tailored and put together. Though on first inspection some pieces in the metallic may be a bit much for the classic Burberry Man, behind the eccentric first look, there are a variety of pieces aside from the metallics that stay true to the Burberry name. The classic Burberry Man may not opt for a trench coat in a metallic purple silk, but maybe the small bit of metallic on the collar lining of this season’s “classic trench” will grow on him and encourage him to explore a bit next season.

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– words by Brett Yves

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