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Homme Mode Costume SS13z3
Ennio Capasa left Milan for his spring/summer inspiration and collided two completely different cultures to make a cohesive collection. It was an ode to David Bowie’s “African Night Flight” which tells a story about a trip from London to Momba.

Fabric draping, high necks and loose cuts were reminiscent of Momba attire while London was represented by tailored trousers, trenches and clean cuts. Costume National still remained true to their Milan based brand by keeping their usual color palette simplistic featuring whites, creams and the usual black adding the seasons favored cobalt as a pop of color. David Bowie’s whimsical spirit has been used as a muse to many designers throughout decades and tends to become present every few seasons.

Homme Mode Costume SS13c
Homme Mode Costume SS13l
Homme Mode Costume SS13t
Homme Mode Costume SS13y

-words by Sarah Perillo

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