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Louis Vuitton welcomed everyone aboard with a collection fit for sailing the high seas. In an aquatic themed show the masterful Kim Jones sent wet haired models down a water filled runway in front of lights emulating an underwater world.

First up we saw the classics, but with a nautical twist: double breasted suits, open shirts and ankle skimming trousers, showing off pristine white deck shoes. The collection then started to feel more relaxed and urban with baggier shorts and trousers preventing the suits from seeming stuffy and formal. The neutral colour scheme and inclusion of layers, in the form of basics such as polo necks and trench coats, ensured that this collection came off as suitable for summer in the city as on a yacht on the Pacific.

The collection sped along exploring all areas and associations of the aquatic theme: up next were white trousers – one particularly high waisted, loose cut pair was very much like an old fashioned sailor’s uniform. Additionally, a long trench coat worn loose over an anchor motif on a chunky jumper made the model look like Captain of the Louis Vuitton ship. Jones was definitely having fun with this collection.

In the middle of the show there was a tilt towards streetwear and utility, with the introduction of large rucksacks, lightweight wind cheaters with dominant zips, toggles and loose jackets with hoods. The yellow and navy palette, robust practical materials and simple cuts made this part of the collection look more suited for rigorous nautical activities like fishing and competitive sailing – especially when compared to the smart leisure wear presented at the start of the show. Was this the introduction of young streetwise Vuitton? The smart yacht boys did make a final appearance at the end though. After all, Louis Vuitton will always be associated with luxury.

The highs of the show were: neon yellow bags, anchor earrings and motifs, scuba suits, rope sandals and camera boxes. Jones’ creativity was manifest and he even managed to make a fisherman’s hat and gilet that resembled a life  jacket  super stylish.


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-Words by Kerry Flint

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