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Homme Mode Ports SS13b

The Ports 1961 Spring 2013 menswear collection was deliberate, methodical even.

First there’s the seamless palette transition. From neutrals, beginning with an all white look – save the covetable primary colored shoes and darkly tinted shades – and moving through black, silver, grey, gold, green, to end at purple and pink. Even the prints seemed to gain a bit of confidence as the collection zipped down the runway.

And then there’s the actual pieces: This look, a shirt and short set, the next, the same set plus a peacoat and hefty bag. With that comes the realization of versatility: that pink blazer that closed could actually replace the black coat from the second look, or how exactly would the grey and white graphic long sleeved shirt look fitting snug atop the white shirt in the golden trench coat and trouser look?

Many would call it a collection based on styling yet, isn’t that what most classical menswear collections are based on? Of course yes, there is a high waisted trouser, and a few bags but novel concepts, these are not. It begs to question though, is their incorporation a statement of itself? Has the man bag, and the high waisted pant become just as classic in menswear as the double breasted blazer?

Homme Mode Ports SS13a

Homme Mode Ports SS13p
Homme Mode Ports SS13r
Homme Mode Ports SS13z13
– words by Mikelle Street

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