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This time Raf Simons wanted his school boy to go play tennis in short-shorts reminiscent of a tennis skirt with high triangle slits in front.

No! He wanted him to play grown up in what could of been someone’s suit from the 90s – it was his father’s – paired with his most colorful running shoe. The width of the trousers contrasted with the restraint and shortness that gave the short suit a certain newness, a rejuvenation. Suiting ranged in monochromatic pairings that from black and grey to navy and forest green.

An angst teenager embodied every look with the loose-wave version of an “Emo’s” hair style. But then it became a mockery: the school boy turned his parents’ expensive paintings into what is the one of the most iconic pieces in a skater’s wardrobe: the graphic tee shirt. And from that, then a graphic-dress.

Uniformity is a philosophy in Simon’s collections. The school boy uniform – white short-sleeve shirts with wool shorts – reinforces the story of the “angst-school-boy.” The bomber jacket, another part of his philosophy, came in long lengths and bright colors – pink bubble gum anyone? Is that the anti-trench coat? Maybe not, but a new version of a long rain jacket mimicing the close of a smock fastened only by push buttons.

Whether or not youth was oozing out of this collection, Raf Simons has presented a very mature collection. With strong direction that has come from the most rebellious memories of one’s teenaged years, Mr.Simons is the best to lead the rebellious menswear department.

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Words by Raul Guerrero

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