Fall | Kenzo x Vans FW12

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Following the massive success of their Spring collaboration, Kenzo and Vans have collaborated on a follow-up fall collection.

The collection follows the same guidelines as the previous collection – using the classic Vans skater shoe with prints from Kenzo, this time with a vibrant mix of floral and horizontal stripes instead of the single mesh print from the previous collection.

As far as collaborations go, most just put emphasis on designs from one of the brands and come off as designs from higher end brands at the price point and quality level of lower end labels. This collaboration however does what few do, it show the most well known aspects of both brands by combining the simplicity of the Vans skater shoe and originality of Kenzo’s prints. The Kenzo x Vans collection looks like an original Vans product with influences from Kenzo which makes it more appealing to both brands customers.

This follow up collection, available from mid-August will no doubt prove to be a massive success for both brands and introduce a new type of customer for both brands, with the young edgy Vans customer for Kenzo and the cool, fashion forward Kenzo customer for Vans.

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