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The Amazing Spiderman follows a pretty successful trilogy that sadly ended five years ago with Spiderman’s light fizzling out to  a slightly underwhelming and forgettable Spiderman 3. Director Mark Weber (500 Days of Summer) has picked up the reigns and subsequently gone back to the start to deliver a new ‘Amazing’ Spiderman, a multi-dimensional superhero and a touching story that’s as much heart as it is action. With The Amazing Spiderman, Weber’s gone back to the beginning in order to really reignite the fire for everyone’s favourite lycra clad, arachnid superhero. Yes, The Amazing Spiderman is pretty close to living up to its title.

The winning formula starts with a brilliant cast. Rhys Ifans makes a surprising appearance as mad Doctor Connor and proves this to be smart casting with an outstanding performance. Martin Sheen and Sally Fields become the quintessential Uncle Ben and Aunt May, winning hearts from the start. Emma Stone stars as Spiderman’s love interest, Gwen Stacey, delivering a strong heroine, equal in intelligence and bravery to her superhero partner. This partnership is nothing short of electric.

The transformation scenes are emotionally gripping and impressive. Not merely spectacle, we see Peter Parker semi-accidentally beat up a carriage full of menacing guys, apologising and shocked by his own strength, in what is one of a few, yet welcome, subtly funny scenes.

Overall, Andrew Garfield is nothing short of perfect in this role, becoming Peter Parker by injecting a sense of humour and civility to the character as he grows into his Superhero alter ego and the responsibility it entails. In this film we see Parker learn lessons and battle demons, growing up on screen to become a superhero worthy of his title; ensuring audiences are one hundred percent on the geek behind the mask.

In Imax 3D this film transforms audience into excitable children, gasping in amazement at the special effects and carefully choreographed action scenes. This is an exhilarating film with a touching storyline and level of excitement that makes over two hours fly (or swing) by faster than Spiderman himself. Weber has injected life and soul back into this iconic Spidey superhero.

by Kerry Flint

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