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Homme Mode BTSS13d

Bill Tornade offered a strong vacation vibe in his Spring 2013 collection. The outdoor summer sky backdrop lifted the mood, and the overall collection left a hankering for long summer days to come. Inspired by nature,  the French label  juxtoposed smart tailoring with casual style twists. The sharp grey suits were presented in a versatile and relaxed way with trousers stylishly halting to reveal bare ankles and a light colour pallet – dominated by camel, grey and white – making the collection feel as light and breezy as a summer’s evening.

Formality seemed to evolve into effortless after-hours style. Well groomed models in smart laced up shoes sported casual accessories and layers – such as a simple cap or shirt loosely tied around the waist- that looked haphazard yet impeccably stylish. The sharpest tailoring and sleekest looks were given an off duty feel; perfect for after work relaxation and long weekends in the sun.

The introduction of denim, smartly cut with contrasting collars, was an interesting and youthful surprise. In addition, the sunset and palm tree scenes, mix of prints and inclusion of vests, that scooped to the knee at the back, added an extra element of fun. This collection’s a masterclass in casual chic.

Homme Mode BTSS13z7

Homme Mode BTSS13f

Homme Mode BTSS13n

Homme Mode BTSS13o

Words by Kerry Flint



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