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Homme Mode Givenchy SS13e

Riccardo has always been very religious, and we have treated him as such.  While there wasn’t always the sort of deificationi as shown to some of his contemporaries, there is no denying of the cult de Tisci.

Spring 2013 put that religion in the forefront.  The prints – rich in color – that comprised the focal point not only hearkened to the Romantic/Renaissance periods of art, they embodied them. The prints were Madonnas themselves – for you young ones, that’s the Mother of God not the mother of Pop.

With her, she brought an elegance, a regality. While urban influence certainly hadn’t vacated le maison de Givenchy, it was no longer the foundation. Sharper lines met with delicate materials like satin, chiffon and organza for a sophistication that while hinted at in previous collections, had never been harped on.

Homme Mode Givenchy SS13p
Homme Mode Givenchy SS13r
Homme Mode Givenchy SS13z3
Homme Mode Givenchy SS13z15

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