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Homme Mode Mugler SS13c

Nicola and Romain chose to leave the silhouette alone. It was fairly classic, with a slightly peaked shoulder for some looks, but a sharp one for all.

The sharpness didn’t refer to just the shoulders though as it looked as if the creative duo had taken an exactoknife to the collection. Not to create cutouts – although there were those two trap revealing tops – but instead to substitute; instead of ties, Mugler opts for a new design, void of knot, to be connected to the inside of one’s blazer to avoid hassle.  It’s an interesting proposition, the silhouette of which brings back thoughts of archival weight lifters’ suits.

The sober palette of blacks, whites and navys fall in line with the established trends of the season providing pop with a mint green, salmon red and aqua blue. The shorts with suits fall in line with the season as well, stopping short, high on the thigh of models, slices of fabric falling down like shirt flaps for modesty’s sake.

It was a reworking, an inner working that Mugler had on the table for spring, and the jury is still out on how it ended up.

Homme Mode Mugler SS13f
Homme Mode Mugler SS13k
Homme Mode Mugler SS13l
Homme Mode Mugler SS13z7

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