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Fashion | Fiasco Focus LCM: Xander Zhou

Fashion & Photography

A hauntingly magical collection with memorable references to Star Wars in the form of Darth Vader shirts, Zhou played with a futuristic feel using thick looking silver and gun metal grey material in various textures while downplaying the trip to outer space with neutrals and denims to keep it grounded within the now.

Fashion | Fiasco Focus LCM: Oliver Spencer

Fashion & Photography

The show starts with Rhythms Of The City, a Brazilian percussion group, silently filing out into the show space at the Old Sorting Office barefoot with their instruments. They burst out loud and spirited samba beats for a minute, setting the lively atmosphere, before the first model makes an appearance.

Fashion | Fiasco Focus LCM: Christopher Raeburn

Fashion & Photography

A major factor contributing towards Christopher Raeburn’s collection this season is his consideration towards “reintegration, reappropriation” and ultimately; recycling. He has launched the REMADE range to continue on his commitment to sustainability, while also taking design inspiration from the items he’s reusing.

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