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Music | Rhodes ‘Breathe’

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David Rhodes hails from Hertfordshire and his Soundcloud stream has become a playlist fixture. He’s already supported Sam Smith, London Grammar and Nick Mulvey and his EP, Morning, is solemn and beautiful. A new EP, Home, is on the way, preceded by the release of the video for ‘Breathe’. He may not enjoy the notion that we think this is perfect hangover music but so far Rhodes has gotten us through several.

Music | MDNGHT: A Day In The Life Of…

Music & Film

Four piece Manchester group MDNGHT (J, vocals; Will and Ant, guitars; Lloyd, DJ and percussion) recently released the video for new single ‘Breeze’, and we’ve fallen happy victims to its falsetto sweetness and electronic troubadour spirit. We asked the band to grab their phones and, in the name of hard hitting reportage, document their day while on the road. Who knew grown men could get so thrilled about defeating an arcade claw machine!

Music | Interview: Maxine Ashley

Music & Film

Born in the Bronx and discovered by Pharrell (who signed her to his i am OTHER imprint) from her covers on Youtube, Maxine Ashley recently brought out an EP of hypnotising beats, mixing jazz, R’nB and dance with her smooth, honey vocals. She’s worked with Billion, Kendrick and Two Inch Punch as well as Pharrell and on a fleeting UK visit she stops to talk about her style, her sound and cat dreams.

Music | Interview: Shift K3Y

Music & Film

Shift K3Y is 21 year old North Londoner Lewis Shay Jankel. He’s a bit of a Renaissance man when it comes to music – a DJ, songwriter, producer and remixer – and it’s very likely that even if you’re not too familiar with his moniker then there’s little doubt you could escape his monster hit from earlier this year, the infectious garage-by-the-way of pop ‘Touch’.

Music | Raury ‘Indigo Child’

Music & Film

Gosh darnit. In all the busyness (busy-ness? anyway///) of life we forgot to post our music crush’s EP. Pat on the back. Indigo Child arrived. And if you haven’t heard it already then dip below the cut to get some ear satisfaction. Watch for our upcoming interview with Raury.

Music | Video: La Roux ‘Kiss And Not Tell’

Music & Film

Ever looked up vintage phones (that’s the 80s and not a 2000 model Nokia) on eBay and got kind of shivery? Just us then? La Roux’s new single (out Oct 6) is practically mouth wateringly retro. There’s neon writing. Hamburger phones. Disappearing into chunky TV sets. Hot damn. Where’s Kurt Russell and Andrew McCarthy when you need them? Get your fix below the cut.

Music | New: SOHN ‘The Chase’

Music & Film

A new track from the English singer/songwriter was posted online last week and it’s as beautiful and haunting as you come to expect from this very talented man. A little reminiscent in parts of Tangerine Dream which is never ever a bad thing. Listen below the cut!

Music | Video: Grimes ‘Go’ (ft. Blood Diamonds)

Music & Film

Love this song. And now its video has arrived filled with what feels like to us sly nods to films (Blade, Stargate, Alien) and a whole lot of cyberpunk. It is, though, and according to Grimes “it’s our take on Dante’s inferno. The circles of hell reflect more contemporary issues though.  We shot a bunch at the Salton Sea which is basically an apocalyptic wasteland filled with dead fish because of human carelessness, the bullet hole hallway a la Korn ‘Freak On A Leash’ etc etc. If you look closely you can find clues but in the usual fashion it is also abstract enough to just be a trippy visual accompaniment to the song.”

Have a look for yourself.

Music | Raury ‘Cigarette Song’

Music & Film

The moment I heard ‘God’s Whisper’ I was hooked. I told everyone I knew about this skinny Atlanta kid because, goddamn, he had something. That not quite definable thing even though it oozed through his melodies. He returns, to much internet fanfare, with ‘Cigarette Song’, which premiered across tumblr. On August 25th he releases “Indigo Child” (http://indigochildproject.com) and from there just watch his ascent. He be going places.

Film | Trailer: Spongebob Squarepants Goes 3D

Music & Film

Spongebob and friends go CGI 3D! Partially created in the flat old school style Spongebob was born into the crew leave their underwater home – to protect it from Antonio Banderas as a dastardly pirate – and join the dry realm of humans. It remains to be seen how they actually manage to breathe but we’re splitting hairs. The film is directed by a long standing Spongebob writer and producer Paul Tibbitt so it’s in capable hands and the voice talent from the TV series return to reprise their roles. Watch the trailer below the cut and chuckle along to Patrick’s ice-cream fetish and wonder how much longer comedic bullet time will continue to pervade films. It’s been 15 years… let it go!

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water comes to cinemas in early 2015

Music | FKA Twigs ‘Video Girl’ leak

Music & Film

Her highly anticipated album called ‘LP1′ isn’t due until mid August but a track from it, ‘Video Girl’ has popped up, an autobiographical piece about giving up being a ‘video girl’ and dancer in other popstars’ vids. Listen below the cut.

Music | Becoming Ella Eyre

Music & Film

One of the most recognisable new voices in the UK right now, Ella Eyre, gives a little insight into the workings of her mind and music in this beautifully shot short for VEVO’s Lift Artist series, following in the footsteps of Gorgon City and Sam Smith.