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MUJI / Product Fitness 80, Design Museum, London 9th-18th March

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MUJI has always been edicated to the pursuit of adequacy, of designing products that are truly fit for their purpose. The Japanese word for craftsmanship is monozukuri and they’ve put it at the very heart of their products; MUJI does not aim to make adequate products, but products imbued with craftsmanship. They have taken a rather minimalist approach, always asking such questions as; “Is this necessary?” or “Is this going too far?” However, following the Earthquake disaster, even MUJI strongly felt the need to renew their deterimination to pursue monozukuri  in harmony with society and the earth, and that is why they decided to create the Product fitness 80 exhibition.

Product fitness 80 / Location DESIGN MUSEUM / Shad Thames, London, SE1 2YD
Admission is free to the exhibition and museum to those with a MUJI receipt or flyer from in store.
For more information – http://designmuseum.org/exhibitions/2012/product-fitness-80 


Design – Audi AreA1Exhibit

Arts & Culture

Back in 2010 Audi launched their marketing campaign for the new Audi A1. The Barcelona waterfront was chosen to stage the AreA1, an intensive brand and product experience that combined a distinctive Audi brand space with a theatrical Driving Experience. Take a second look at the modernist event architecture by Schidhuber + Partner Architects.

Design - Audi

2011 Chevrolet Design Awards

Arts & Culture
Chevrolet Design Night 2011 in London (September 22, 2011)

Chevrolet Design Night 2011 at Battersea Power Station

Chevrolet Europe invited special guests from the worlds of design, the arts and media to a gala celebration in London landmark Battersea Power Station to honour the 2011 European winners of the Young Creative Chevrolet applied arts contest. Leading lights in design and creative industries gave their perspective on emerging trends, followed by a party, with entertainment provided by young talent Bluey Robinson and popular artist DJ T.

In line with the theme of the evening, well-known innovators in the applied arts spoke about the future of design. Chevrolet Europe welcomed leading lights in the fields of design and film, Neville Brody, Wayne Hemingway and Lucy Walker, presented to the invitation-only audience.

Neville Brody is an internationally renowned designer, typographer, art director and brand strategist. From his early career as art director of The Face to his current roles – as Director of Research Studios, Chair of the D&AD Executive Board and Dean of the Department for Visual Communications at the Royal College of Art (London), among other distinctions – Brody has been a consistent and recognized voice in the design world. A book celebrating 20 years of FUSE, his experimental typography magazine, will be released later this year.