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YSL: Stefano Pilati out, Hedi Slimane in.

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Suzy Menkes made the announcement yesterday: Hedi Slimane would be announced as the new creative director for the Yves Saint Laurent brand on Wednesday. She was right.

Today, not even a week after the official announcement that Stefano was out, the brand made the official announcement that Hedi, who directed the brand before for a short term, would return. Hedi helmed the brand twelve years ago, and has been and will continue to pursue a career in photography.

There is no official word on Pilati’s future. With no eponymous label, the designer who struggled not only with the YSL brand history but also the YSL tea has many options. Some rumour that he will be installed at another brand in this game of fashion musical chairs.

Stefano Pilati out at Yves Saint Laurent

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After seasons, even years, of speculation, Stefano Pilati is out at Yves Saint Laurent.

The conversation about Stefano Pilati’s status at Saint Laurent has been troubled since before Galliano was dismissed from his perch at Dior, and not just by run of the mill bloggers. The conversation became so intense, and subsequently sure of itself, that the brand took to twitter to dispel the rumours, which seemed in some sectors to do nought but stoke the fires.

The designer seemed to fair well under the toxic environment that made up the house; the press and even Pierre Bergé, life partner of Saint Laurent himself, wanted Stefano outh, though it was under his control that the house moved out of the red and broke even after a decade.

According to some, Stefano is set to be replaced by Hedi Slimane to helm the brand. And of course there are a select few who believe that Stefano himself is on to “greener” pastures, awaiting only an upcoming announcement from a designer at a storied house, signaling their retirement.

Raf Simons out at Jil Sander

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In the past few minutes Twitter has been thrown in a bit of tizzy with the news. Rumours that have floated around from fashion capital to fashion capital have been revealed as true.

Fact: Raf Simons, the Belgium designer at the creative head of his own eponymous label as well as Jil Sander, will show his last collection for Jil Sander this Saturday.

After 7 years of service, upon an “agreement” between the designer and the brand, Raf Simons will step down from his Creative Director position as of Feb. 27.  Jil Sander says “Jil SANDER thanks Raf Simons for his dedicated commitment to the brand, throughout these years, and wishes him the very best for the future.” as a part of their release.