Michael Jackson’s secret sister was ‘rejected by family’

In An exclusive meeting with DailyMailTV Joh’Vonnie recounted the agonizing story of her dismissal from the Michael Jackson family. She said that she met every kin of Jackson and wished to be lived with them. Be that as it may, she was unable to do so in light of the fact that nobody acknowledged her as she was Joe’s mysterious little girl and had stowed away for a really long time. She recounted the entire story with sadness.

we come to know after research that when she was around they all turned out to be exceptionally pleasant to her. At the point when she was not around nobody checked regardless of whether she was well or not. Even nobody called her when her mom Cheryle Terrell passed in 2014. I figure it can unquestionably be frightful for somebody confronting this sort of conduct. She felt dismissed constantly. The vital point is that in the entire Jackson family there is just a single sibling who thought often about her and that is Rebbie her elder sister.

Further, she said that she met her sibling Michael in 2003 at a family get-together. Michael acted with her daughter nicely and was preferable over her. She wanted to embrace Michael, go to some calm spot, and converse with him, needed him to get some information about her life and get to know her living style. But she never had an opportunity to appropriately address Michael.

Also, the more awful thing that happened to her was that she got bullied consistently on a daily basis because she was Michael Jackson’s sister.


Despite the fact that she resided with her mom only five miles from the Jackson home after that nobody came to her home but it was  Joe who visited Jackson’s home most days with gifts.

This was made worse when Michael’s parents ended up living separate lives and Joh’Vonnie, then in her early 20s, moved in with Joe in Las Vegas and worked as a baggage handler at the airport.

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