4 Mistakes You’re Making When Wearing Gel Nail Polish!

To set a proper manicure application, the most annoying thing nowadays. Therefore, to wear a perfect gel nail polish during your manicure can grace your hands more likely because gel nail polish is a more long-lasting thing that can stay longer to give you an adorable look.

But most of the people make a mistake while applying gel nail polish. And this will ruin the whole manicure process. And your hands cannot shine properly. Therefore, this will create a very dull look because the gel nail polish can stay your manicure up to the weeks.

Because the gel nail polish covers the nail with a thick and robust layer, and this layer will keep your pins safe for long. And this can also help the nails to grow well. However, if all these cares will go wrong, if you are making any mistake in applying the gel nail, it will create a rough look and make the nails week when you are making any mistake.

Here I will tell you four most common mistakes that you will make when you are applying gel nail polish in a manicure.

You’re Getting Gel Manicures Back-to-Back

Application and removal of gel nail again and again on your nails can create more wear and tear. Therefore, you should take a proper break between your manicures. The application of gel nail polish after every week regularly makes your nails smothered. Consequently, it will make your nails dry, and they are turning into cracking.

Therefore, it is vital to get help from your beauty experts when it is good to have a manicure so that you can enhance the beauty of your nails rather than cracking.

You’re Leaving Gel Polish On Too Long

If you are wearing any nail paint for weeks, then it may also cause a genuine nail crack. It will fade your nails and eliminating their life as well. However, experts say that if you are wearing gel nail paint for two weeks after getting a manicure, then it can limit the nail damage.

But if you are leaving the gel nail polish too long, then you are putting your nail on a damage trip. Because when the gel is going to damage, then it will allow moisture to stay under it on your nails. And experts say that this moisture will produce bacteria.

Removing an Old Gel Manicure without Professional Help

It is not safe to remove the old gel by yourself because it is safe to get assistance from the professional. If you are trying to remove it at home, then you may leave some particles of it on your nails. And these remains of the gel nail polish is harmful to your nails.

The best to remove it is first to apply the file polish file so that it can easily remove. Then put the cotton balls in acetone liquid that is mostly added in nail polish remover. Then put these balls on your nails. And wrap your nails with foil paper and leave for 15 minutes.

After this, use a wooden mage polish pusher to get the gel separated from your nail surface. Then remove it by using a rubbing tool and apply oil or nail paint to get hydrated.

You’re Not Using Cuticle Oil

As all of you may know that the nail surface is very soft and flexible. Therefore, it may take hard nails when you are removing the gel polish. Moreover, the pins are getting fry after applying the acetone on it. And this may cause nail damage or crack.

In this situation, the expert’s team says that you should apply any cuticle oil on your nails after removing the gel. Because this application of cuticle oil will limit the nail damage or crack, therefore, using the oil or add some drops of cuticle oil in your cuticle is necessary to keep your nail hydrate.


It is necessary to oil your nails before any visit to the salon for a manicure. Do not depend only on the gel nail polish to get healthy nails. Therefore, think twice before giving a long time to gel nail polish to stay on your nails. And get help from your professional to remove it.

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