6 Basic Steps to Score Your First Freelance Writing Gig!

The main problem when you are starting your job as a freelancer is how to enter the market. Because you are going to make your first entry as a freelancer, so it should be perfect from every aspect. If you can do all things correctly, then you can be the right freelancer. And all the clients will like to work with you.

Therefore, to enter correctly, I will tell you here some steps to follow if you want to secure a good score with your first freelance writing gig. These steps are explained one-by-one as under:

Nail Down A Niche

Nowadays, there are lots of options in the market to work. Therefore, it isn’t very easy to know which one option is best to choose. However, it is good to have a perfect and most popular niche to write.

However, you can check your hobbies and pick that niche in which you are more interested. And start writing some quality content. It will maintain a narrow line for your business to write.

Identify Potential Clients

Now pick the potential customers that are running the same business related to your content. So always preferred those who are already doing the business of content marketing. It will highlight a significant pool of customers where you can throw your work. And make a list of those companies that are interesting in your work niche.

Build An Email List Of Decision Makers

Now you should have to develop a job title, names, and an email address to contact for market-decision makers. A significant contact must have a title like a brand manager, market manager, or CEO in the case of small organizations. Therefore, Fiverr or Vendor.com is best to work in this regard.

Email 100 Companies With An Easy Email Template

Embrace with the spreadsheet of enlisted contacts now start sending the emails. You can easily send 20 emails in one hour. Therefore, block out the 20 emails daily and sent a minimum of 100 emails to the selected companies. And make a task to send 100 emails per week.

For this, make a template and mentions your title, name, and company’s name in it. If you can make a useful and attractive email, then more the clients will contact you.

Follow Up

The follow-up is a crucial part of email outreach that a lot of freelancers forget. My response rate rose from around 10-20 percent after one follow-up. People are busy, and a gentle reminder at the proper time can jog their memory and encourage them to urge back to you. Within the future, you should decide to experiment with more follow-ups to ascertain if you can increase your response rate.

Negotiate By Emphasizing Your Value

Instead of concentrating on “myself”, you can make bound to discuss the worth you can provide to potential clients. Ask yourself questions on what you’ll do for his or her business, hear their problems, and wish.

Then position yourself to supply an answer. You added value by using statistics in my emails, e.g., “clear content can improve your conversion rates by 69%.” You also mentioned your expertise, e.g., “I work exclusively with companies in your industry.”

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