Actress Diane Neal Leaked Recordings and Allegations Against Ex-BF: Proved or Not?

Nothing seems easy when it comes to the lives of actors and actresses. American actress Diane Neal is one of the many such celebs whose private life has been under the spotlight for a longer time. Back in 2019, she filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend, Benn claiming that he subjected her to sexual and physical abuse.

Moreover, she made allegations against him that he is involved in fraud and identity theft as he is a con artist. On top of this, she also revealed that he wanted to kick her out of her own house.

Things got escalated when some audio recordings surfaced on the internet in which Diane could be heard cursing Benn and saying that she will kill him and his dog both. There a question was raised “who is the victim, Diane or Benn?”

Actress Diane Neal Leaked

You all surely remember Diane Neal from Law & Order series in which she played several roles. Diane married Marcus O. Fitzgerald in 2005 and got divorced in 2014. It wasn’t long after her divorce when she started dating magician JB Benn.

There’s no doubt that Benn has always been an acclaimed magician but soon after breakup in 2019, Diane made allegations against him, claiming that he is a con, stalker, fraud, identity thief, and (sexual and physical) abuser. As per the resources, Benn was found stalking Diane for several years and was also involved in sexual and physical assault

The lawsuit bitterness between Dianne Neal and Benn bottled up when some voice recordings were presented to the court. In the recordings, Dianne could be heard scolding and criticizing Benn for ruining her life.

It was revealed that Dianne was under the influence of a medicinal drug named Flexeril which was due to a spinal injury (caused back in 2013). She berated and threatened Benn as well as his precious dog while she was semi-conscious.

She was badly angry at Benn that she was planning to murder him and his dog as they both made her life miserable (he even slit her pet’s throat). Her bitterness came out just as she took that medicine and somehow Benn recorded it all.

Actress Diane Neal Leaked

Her Attorney Khojasteh told The Daily Beast that

 Ms. Neal has suffered a devastating ordeal—as a victim of domestic abuse that robbed her of her personal security, as a victim of a fraudulent scheme that robbed her of the financial security that she earned during an extremely successful acting career, and as a victim of lawyers and prosecutors who have served her extremely poorly

Despite everything, Dianne never succeeded in putting Benn behind the bars. ALAS!

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