Adam Hicks Accused of Armed Robbery: Pleaded Guilty Or Not?

Adam Hicks, the former American actor, singer, rapper, and songwriter was apprehended for an alleged armed robbery on January 25, 2018. There has been multiple instances when Hicks was found involved in muggings with his girlfriend as an accomplice. Anyhow, he wasn’t pleaded guilty by the court.

Adam Hicks was arrested along with his girlfriend, Danni Tamburro who is also an actress. The mugging took place at a road in Burbank, California. A CCTV footage was found in which it could be clearly seen that Adam Hicks and his girlfriend mugged a man at gunpoint.

Adam Hicks Accused of Armed Robbery

Both the victim and accused were in their cars. Suddenly, Adam Hicks allegedly came out of his black SUV with a gun tucked under his arm and asked the victim who was in a white car to give up all his cash, cellphone, and other valuables. Other than this alleged mugging, Adam Hicks was also accused of holding two elderly women at gunpoint and robbing them.

After going through mental health examination prior to and during the court trial, Adam Hicks pleaded not guilty on July 10, 2019. We can surely affirm that Adam’s attorney succeeded in proving that his mental health is compromised and that is why we can not blame him for committing such a crime.

You’ll probably be shocked if you take a look at the social media profiles of Adam Hicks and Danni Tamburro. They both are always seen posting inspirational and motivational quotes about being kind and righteous – as opposed to their real lives. Its truly hard to believe that Adam Hicks was involved in multiple armed robberies.

Adam Hicks Accused of Armed Robbery

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