Arsene Wenger’s marriage broke down because of his obsession with football.

For Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, football was more important than life or death. However, Arsene took obsession with the beautiful game to a new level. She was a new departed Arsenal boss and watched footage of matches worldwide and attended games at all levels.

Well, his all-consuming fixation with football earned the nickname ‘professor’ with the club’s fans and seemed to have cost his marriage to his long-time love. Arsene Wenger split from wife Annie Bosterhous and told how his obsession with football was damaging his family life.

Arsene Wenger's marriage

He was thinking about the next game and got a legal separation from Wenger in French 2015. He separated from his wife Annie in 2015, and the couple has a 20-year-old daughter. Moreover, he said, five more years, and that’s all, and I was still here in 2018.

In my job, I travel, and the problem is not much the quantity of time spent with family; it’s quality time. The job is more damaging and does not always give them the quality they deserve at home because of the next game.

Moreover, my wife likes watching football and watches all the games of Arenal at home. She is not fantastic and likes to watch sports and does not have much choice. Wenger worked at Arsenal’s training ground and watched videos of football matches from around the world.

It emerged the couple in 2015 and asked a judge in Paris to approve the first stages of their separation. Wenger’s obsession with football raises the question of what he will do now 22-year reign at Arsenal has come to an end.

Wenger has not been at the Arsenal training around from dawn. His Arsenal players were away on international duty and worked as a pundit on French TV. He also has a family home in the beautiful Alsace village of Buttlenheim, where his parents ran a café.

Arsene Wenger's marriage

Arsene Wenger's marriage

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