Best Alternative For Soccer Streams to Watch football

Watching football matches on Soccerstreams was an amazing experience. Nevertheless, it has been banned, which was a terrible development for all the fans. This leads to soccer lovers exploring the subreddits websites in order to watch the streaming. A copyright warning was issued by the Premier League, which resulted in the subreddit being deleted as well.

Soccer Streams

Well, we have compiled a list of alternative sites that provide fantasy sports as well as Soccerstreams. There are millions of people using Discord every day to get services. Now let’s take a look at the alternatives to soccer streaming links and the channels that provide these services.

Why Did Reddit Banned r/SoccerStreams?

You may already be aware of the benefits of online streaming services. There are many websites that offer illegal services. It is necessary for the legal streaming services to pay a specified amount of money to the football leagues. It is important to note that illegal streaming sites do not compensate the streaming services that they borrow footage from. In this way, you gain access to several unlawful websites, which doesn’t benefit soccer in any way. In addition, illegal websites may also contain harmful malware.

Soccer Streams

Online streaming services are available in several different formats. It is difficult to distinguish legal websites from those that may infect your computer with viruses or malware. A computer epidemic may be affecting your system. No matter how unintentionally you download a malicious file onto your computer or mobile device, you will undoubtedly encounter disastrous consequences.


There is no way to tell whether one of the links posted on the r/soccer stream was the result of a hidden epidemic, even though some people post links to streaming services to assist others.

Soccer Streams

The number of links on a popular forum like Reddit is simply too large; harmful streaming links are bound to slip through the cracks, leaving Reddit with no alternative but to ban the forum.

Reddit Alternatives for SoccerStreams

There are a few alternatives to /r/SoccerStream that can be found on Reddit that you can use to get the streaming. This is a list of subreddits where Reddit is cracking down on subreddits which are illegally streaming content.

Soccer Streams

Reddit has more MLB streams

/r/Soccerstreams 69

For those who wish to use Reddit as a platform for football, this will be an excellent subreddit or alternative site. However, this may not be a reliable method for obtaining streaming links due to copyright concerns. The other disadvantage is that, due to the size issue, this alternative site does not cover all games. A number of Asian leagues as well as other leagues will not be streamed.


The following subreddit provides links to each of the games. The system is capable of providing service to 1000 users online at any given time. It is important to note that the majority of the links are of Ace stream, so you will not experience buffering. There are many websites that post the link in which you can find the game you are seeking.



The purpose of this subreddit was to provide a space for discussion regarding the removal of soccer streams. The number of subscribers is not very high, but the quality of the links posted is outstanding. However, some rules must be followed when posting streaming links to ensure quality is maintained. The direct link to the site is not permitted, and people are listing SD and HD quality. However, it is necessary to have a high speed Internet connection in order to view the matches.

/r/Reddit Soccercity

There is no doubt that Redditsoccercity is the most famous subreddit that has been banned rapidly. This application is made by the same creators as SoccerstreamRedd.


Streaming links were posted, but when links were no longer required, they were removed. As a result, this website provides multiple soccer streams.


If you would like to try a better alternative to Soccerstreams, you can do so here. While we are unsure of the length of time the users can remain open, we recommend it nonetheless. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, we recommend you do so as soon as possible.

Discord Channel for getting links

There is no better place to get live football links than the Discord channel. In addition, it replaced the need for Skype, Teamspeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo servers on the internet. A notable feature is that it is free, and you are able to communicate through text changes or voice, as well as share images, audio files, and videos.


Additionally, Discord provides service to the gaming community and has become a stable platform for any type of online streaming. Following the banning of soccer streams, a significant number of people began following Discord. In the same way as the soccer stream, it provides the same services. There is the option of sending stream links that are available for 30 minutes of viewing.


Send stream links to the moderators for approval, and they will become available 30 minutes before the match begins. The channel can be accessed by clicking on the following two links.


Soccer fans are always looking for a replacement live streaming service so that they can watch their favorite games online and live. Observing a soccer game live is an experience that cannot be compared to anything else. On the other hand, watching live soccer streams on your television would not always be possible. 


Wherever you live, gaming shows aren’t available at an appropriate time no matter where you live. Furthermore, you might not be interested in paying for a particular channel in order to observe a few live games.


Subreddit Soccerstreams was one of the most convenient platforms where people could watch their favorite teams’ games. There is a free service provided by the company that allows users to view streaming links 30 minutes prior to the release date.


Having been banned, everyone is looking for alternatives, so we have listed the best alternatives for streaming soccer. Further, we always recommended the best channel, “DISCORD,” but we are unsure of what will happen if illegal streaming links are shared on their site.


There will be a time when the above-listed subreddits will no longer exist. Due to the increasing number of people trying different methods of watching football and soccer, there may be more options available.

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