Brian Austin Green’s son visits the set of BH90210 

The son of Brian Austin Green, Kassius Lijah, traveled to Canada this week in order to visit his father while he was working on the Beverly Hills 90210 remake, BH90210. In a photo shared by Brian’s costar Shannen Doherty, Kassius’ mother Vanessa Marcil re-posted the photo on Instagram. 

Brian Austin Green's son visits the set of BH90210 

The actress, who split from Brian in 2003 shortly after Kass’ birth, alleged last year that he had withdrawn from Kass five years ago. The son of Brian Austin Green visited him on set this week while he was in Vancouver, Canada. 


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BH90210 star Brian Marcil has been accused by his ex-wife Vanessa Marcil of cutting off contact with his eldest son. “@kassius_marcil_green visiting his dad in Canada.” Vanessa wrote alongside the picture, adding a smiley and prayer hands emoji. The picture shows Kassius beaming broadly in front of some lighting equipment. 


In the days leading up to the departure for Canada, Vanessa shared a cute picture of her partner MC giving Kass a big hug as he packed for the trip. “I am so happy for Kass getting the opportunity to see his father and helping him pack for the trip”. 


According to Vanessa, she and Megan Fox cut her son out of their lives five years ago because of his relationship with the Beverly Hills 90210 actor.


In November, Vanessa, 50, stated that Kass was heartbroken after being cut out of his biological father’s life five years earlier. 


In 2006, Vanessa Fox claimed that Brian and Megan Fox cut Kassius out after failing to obtain full custody. According to her, the teen was not even permitted to know the location of his father’s residence. 


A photo was shared by Vanessa of her partner giving Kass a big hug before he left for Canada, captioned “MC so happy for Kass getting invited to see his dad #helpinghimpack #RealMen”


Additionally, she stated that Kass had never met his youngest sibling and had not been permitted to know where Brian, Megan, and his three younger brothers lived. A father of three, Brian, 46, and a mother of three, Megan, 33, are the parents of Journey River, two, Bodhi Ransom, five, and Noah Shannon, six. 


As Vanessa wrote at the time on Instagram, Kass has never met his youngest brother and is not permitted to know where his bio father, stepmother, and three younger brothers reside. Also recalled by the 50-year-old Las Vegas alum is the incident in 2006 when Brian and Megan allegedly attempted to gain custody of Kass.


A 46-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman have three sons: Journey River, 2, Bodhi Ransom, 5, and Noah Shannon, 6. Kass had not yet met his youngest sibling, according to Vanessa in November

Brian Austin Green's son visits the set of BH90210 

After being served with legal papers 12 years ago, I spent over 8 years defending myself and my son in custody court as his father and stepmother attempted to gain full custody of my son (this would have meant seeing him four days a month) and to collect child support from me. 


The reason I did not speak publicly at that time was to protect my son from paparazzi who used to follow him and terrify him. Additionally, I had never requested child support and had never attempted to take Kass’ dad’s time away from him. 


At any time. Ultimately, all of these cases were lost. According to the judge, they were all frivolous. They always had 50% custody and still do at the end of court, in spite of the fact that I have never requested full custody.


‘Custody cases only harm children, and the truth shall set us all free.’ You guys need to put the children first. The kids should love both parents equally, regardless of what their struggles may be. 


No matter what the struggles of either parent may be, they should love them equally. In November, Vanessa shared this message, revealing that Brian and Megan attempted to obtain full custody of Kass, but when they failed, they cut him out of the equation.


Kass has been heartbroken since he was cut out of the lives of his other families without explanation, she added.


Let’s do better for our children. Let’s hear each other’s stories. 


Vanessa and Brian began dating in the 1990s while working on the original Beverly Hills 90210 where he played David Silver and she played Gina Kincaid. 


After getting engaged in the summer of 2001, they welcomed Kass in 2002, but did not make it down the aisle as they separated the following year. 


When Brian and Vanessa (pictured 2001) met on the set of the original Beverly Hills 90210 where he played David Silver and she joined the cast as Gina Kincaid in season nine, they began dating.

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