Captain America 4: Writer Teases Sam’s Post-Falcon & Winter Soldier Struggles!

The writer of Captain America 4, Malcolm Spellman, discusses Sam’s ongoing struggles as a Black Captain America following Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Last week, Captain America 4’s writer discussed Sam’s ongoing efforts following the top of The Falcon and Winter Soldier ended. The series’ first showed in March. And then the series followed Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie).

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, the show launched around six months, when Sam was first holding Captain America’s shield. The series also casts new faces, including Wyatt Russell’s Walker.

The series revolves around Sam’s inner struggles as he wrestled with the thought of carrying the shield and being the new Captain America as a Black man. Besides all, his doubts came from meeting Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbley).

He is a Black super-soldier who had been imprisoned and experimented on for many years by the govt.

After John failed to be Captain America respectfully and responsibly like Steve Rogers, becoming a cold-blooded murderer.

He was stripped of the title. It ultimately left it for Sam to intensify and become the new Captain America.

And for the finale, Sam shows himself to the planet because of the new Captain America, donning a new suit that also featured elements of Falcon, including the wings.

Now that Sam has officially filled Steve’s shoes, it is time for a subsequent chapter of his journey.

It had recently reported that Marvel Studios is developing a Captain America 4 movie with Falcon, Malcolm Spellman, and the showrunner of Winter Soldier. Now, Spellman hints at Sam’s ongoing inner struggles from now on.

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