Latest News About Charlotte Riley Tom Hardy Children and Film Career

Charlotte Riley is the wife of the Venom Star Tom Hardy, and herself is an actress as well. They have been married for around 8 years and have two children together. Anyhow, it was in 2009 when they both met for the first time at the set of Charlotte’s famous film Wuthering Heights.


So, its been total 12 years since Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy are together and happily living their life. You might not know but Tom had a son from his ex-girlfriend before he started dating Charlotte. Charlotte’s stepson lives with his mother but Tom equally loves him as well.


Charlotte Riley Tom Hardy

Charlotte and Tom’s 1st baby was born in 2015 while the 2nd was born in 2018. Like every protective parents, Charlotte and Tom have kept their children away from the media. It rarely happen if any of their kids are caught on camera. Interestingly, the both time Charlotte was expecting, they tried their best to keep everything off the camera. Anyhow, we all know that when its about Tom, nothing can hold his die-hard fans from peaking into his personal life.


Charlotte Riley Tom Hardy

If we talk about Charlotte’s professional life then she has been active since 2007. Even despite marrying and having two children to look after, Charlotte has never disappointed her fans. The last time she was seen on the big screen was in 2019 when she played the role of The Christmas Present in the Film entitled ” The Christmas Carol”. You must be excited to know that Charlotte is the part of the upcoming American Sci-fi Series, The Peripheral . Its release date hasn’t been announced yet.


On the other hand, about our favorite Tom Hardy, he is also working on a film project. Tom Hardy’s new upcoming film Mad Max: The Wasteland is set to release in 2023. We are sure that both Charlotte and Tom will rock in their films and once more leave their fans astonished.


Charlotte Riley Tom Hardy

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