Derek Chauvin Wiki, Bio, Height, Facts and More!

The American police officer Derek Chauvin was born in 1976. His father was a civic accountant, and his mother was a housewife. He went to Park High School in Minnesota and got a GED certificate.

After that, he joined Dakota County Technical College and got the quantity food preparation certificate. The officer served the US Army reserve from 1996 to 2004. He works for Minneapolis state, and his team killed a black man named George Floyd.

Federal ministers are investigating the case. The black community did the protest because the crime scene gives the white and black racism angle. He remained a member of the Minneapolis Police Department from 2001 to 2020.

His tax trial starts on 30 June after his sentencing for the murder of Floyd. After that world can learn before the law, all are equal. Derek Chauvin Net worth is 500,000 dollars.

Derek Chauvin Age 44
Derek Chauvin Gender Male
Derek Chauvin Height 5’7”
Derek Chauvin Spouse Hmong Woman
Derek Chauvin Nationality American
Derek Chauvin Ethnicity White
Derek Chauvin profession Police Officer
Derek Chauvin marital status Married
Derek Chauvin Instragram N/A


  1. Derek was born in 1976 and suspended from duty after murdering George Floyd.
  2. The investigation of George’s death is on the way, and the public is protesting against the police.
  3. The basketball star seems angry with police officials and shares his view regarding racist.
  4. Derek is involved in three shootings.
  5.  He is married to Hmong Woman and participated in Mrs. Wisconsin in 2001.
  6. His other two partners are also suspended along with him.
  7. His social image is destroyed because of his crime.
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