Different Ways to Plan a Fashion Shoot

It is a common misconception that the only key ingredient to executing a successful fashion shoot is only when you get a hot model and when you display your clicks on your portfolio and your photography skills are the only things that can get you a successful fashion shoot. It is more. You need to do a lot of scouting to get yourself an ideal location, do proper budgeting and get the best talent for your fashion shoot.

Different photography gurus post videos about different techniques and even hacks that you can use to get the best fashion clicks that might not even cost you much and you get the best thematic clicks for your portfolio or brand. You can watch these tutorials on YouTube and short clips on Instagram using Xfinity services that make things affordable with the budget-friendly Xfinity internet prices and packages offered to users almost everywhere in America.

If you want to learn a thing or two about making your fashion shoot a success, then here are a few things:

Find Some Inspirations Online and From Magazines

You can shoot almost anything with your camera and use your imagination and creativity to use different elements of portraiture, still life, digital art and many other types of photography and create a photography marvel. There are endless possibilities and you can be as creative and as thematic as possible and get overwhelming results.

If you are a newbie, you can start your research by going through different Instagram accounts or magazines online or offline. Pay attention to details like composition, lighting, styling, etc to learn fashion photography in a better way. Also, look at different portfolios by different photography gurus as well.

Creating a Mood Board Also Helps

Once you get an idea of all the creative possibilities and get an idea about your theme that you want to follow, start making a mood board as they are very useful to centralize all your ideas and inspiration and for other creative resources working for you.

You can create a mood board online or you can use the old school methods where you can simply cut and paste a physical copy. Your Mood Board should include different images and ideas that you have in your mind for every element of your click. Consider things like your models and their looks, your talent’s styling, hairstyle, makeup, the location of the shoot and the poses that you want them to perform.

Look Out For Creative Individuals and Models

A fashion shoot is a team effort and you must be working with different other photographers and models, different stylists, hairstylists and makeup artists as well. These people work together to give life to your inspiration and ideal fashion shoot. If you are working on a bigger shoot then you might need different assistants and other members of the crew as well.

After getting your team in line, you need to scout for models and different talented individuals within your area. Look for local publications, different photo credits and find out about the teams behind different shoots online using social media platforms including hashtags to get in touch with people who you can work with. You can also think about working with fashion studies students, amateur photographers and other young individuals who are looking for shoots and clicks to add to their portfolio.

Build Your Team

Once you have shortlisted everybody, you can skim through their portfolios and study their work to get an idea about their skills and style. It is always good to work with people who are on the same level of expertise as you are. Discuss your concept and incorporate some good ideas that they provide you for your shoot.

Scout for the Ideal Locations

You might come across so many locations for your shoot throughout the city. You can have a look at the different urban settings and natural landscapes. Also, you can consider doing some indoor shoots in a studio or an indoor setting.

Some of the things that you can consider when scouting your venue must include a place for the model to change her dress, the tendency of the location to grasp all the layouts you want to have and easy access of your team to and from the place. Also, consider the time you might need to request for permission to shoot if the venue you have decided needs permission from the local authorities.

Happy Clicking

In the end, one can say that professional photographers consider all these factors and different factors like the time and date of the shoot, preparing a call sheet, preparing the gadgets and accessories and many other details. Also, you can experiment with different light settings, environments, backdrops, makeup and apparel. With all of this in place, you will get an organized and planned photoshoot.

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