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The actress Alexa Demie is best known for playing Maddy Perez in the HBO television series Euphoria, which is a drama based on a teen drama. The series, which focused on teenage drug abuse and recovery, became one of HBO’s most popular shows. 

 Alexa Demie

Having grown up in a neighborhood plagued by rampant drug abuse, Alexa could relate to the storyline. After an extremely difficult childhood, she fled her home as a young woman in order to escape dysfunctional family dynamics. Having a flair for the creative, she began embellishing regular sunglasses with jewels and other embellishments in order to sell them with the assistance of a friend.


In a music video, she appeared for the first time on screen. Afterward, she appeared in a number of short films and television shows. During her time in Euphoria, she became a household name. In addition to her role as an actress, the talented individual has also achieved success as a singer and songwriter. 

 Alexa Demie

Together with photographer Petra Collins, she compiled a collection of erotic short stories entitled Fairy Tales. A relationship exists between her and Christian Berishaj, better known as JMSN, a singer.

Alexa Demie Quick Facts

Full Name James Heltibridle
Alexa Demie Born Date Dec 11, 1990
Alexa Demie Nationality American
Alexa Demie Religion Christianity
Alexa Demie Education Graduate
Alexa Demie Father Bob Heltibridl
Alexa Demie Mother Rose Mendez
Alexa Demie Age 31 years old (2022)
Alexa Demie Horoscope Sagittarius
Alexa Demie Height 163 cm
Alexa Demie Height in Feet 5’4″ feet
Alexa Demie Net Worth $6 Million USD

Alexa Demie Life

The American actress Alexa Demie was born in Los Angeles, California. For several years, she refused to divulge her age and people speculated as to when she was born. Several online sources state that she was born on 11 December 1990 as of today. 

 Alexa Demie

In her early years, Rose Mendez worked as a makeup artist, and she was raised by a single mother. Mexican immigrants had immigrated to Los Angeles with her mother’s family. In the case of Alexa, Rose was quite young when she became pregnant.


In addition to her mother, Alexa’s aunts and grandmother assisted her in raising her. As a child, she didn’t have good male figures in her life and didn’t develop much respect for men. 


While growing up, several meth addicts in her neighborhood destroyed their lives because of the nearby meth lab. Family life was also miserable, with members constantly arguing and yelling even though they supported one another in times of need. During her teenage years, she fled from dysfunction at home.

 Alexa Demie

The student attended John Marshall High School, where she was constantly bullied by her classmates. As a high school student, she became involved in the performing arts, and this helped her to distract herself from her difficult circumstances.


In her youth, Alexa Dernie was a very creative individual. To create her own line of sunglasses, she purchased wholesale sunglasses and embellished them with jewels and other embellishments. After that, she began to sell them with the assistance of a friend. In spite of the fact that the brand shortly became popular, she was not receiving sufficient compensation for her efforts, so she discontinued production of the sunglasses.

 Alexa Demie

During her high school years, she also began writing songs. As well as being interested in fashion design, she created a costume for one of Minaj’s early music videos. After attending the orientation for a New York art school, she decided against becoming a fashion designer.

Alexa Dernie Career

As a video vixen, Alexa Demie starred in Azealia Banks’ 2013 music video for ATM Jam. In this role, she made her first appearance on screen. After that, she appeared in a short film for a friend.

 Alexa Demie

In 2008, she was cast as the lead in the biopic The Godmother, which recounts the story of Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco. However, the project was not completed. 


In 2015, she made her professional acting debut with the short film Miles. She was able to find an agent to represent her, and through them, she got some interesting opportunities. Currently, She has appeared as a guest star in television series such as Ray Donovan and Love. She also guest-starred as Ingrid, a bilingual gamer, in the second season of the drama TV series, The OA. 


Additionally, she had a strong interest in pursuing a career in music, and in 2016, she released her first single, Girl Like Me. Her appearance in the music video for the song Slide was filmed by singer-songwriter JMSN.

The role of Merideth was her first appearance in a feature film in 2017, in Brigsby Bear, a comedy-drama. In 2018, she was dating JMSN, and she directed the music video for his song Talk is Cheap.

 Alexa Demie

In 2018, Alexa Demie portrayed Esmee, a shy skateboarder and the love interest of the protagonist in the Mid90s. As part of the audition process for Euphoria, she was invited to take part in the HBO drama series.


During auditions for Euphoria, she was selected to play the role of Maddy Perez, a confident, witty, and popular teenage girl. As of 2019, the series has begun airing. According to critics, she was Euphoria’s breakout star because she played an immensely popular character.

 Alexa Demie

Her role in the 2019 film Waves is Alexis, a party girl who becomes pregnant with the child of a troubled high school wrestler she is dating. As part of her preparation for this challenging role, she watched numerous videos on co-dependent behavior.


In 2020, she starred as Isabelle Roberts, an audience member on a game show, in the comedy-drama film Mainstream. Additionally, she appeared in The Neighbourhood’s video for their song Stargazing. The character she portrayed was a drug dealer in Nineteen on Fire, a short film directed by Ryan Simpkins that was released in 2021. Additionally, she appeared in and directed the video for the song Love 2 You by JMSN.

 Alexa Demie

She put out the single Leopard Limo (Archive LL11) in 2021 and appeared in the music video for JMSN’s song Act Like I’m Not Here. She teamed up with photographer Petra Collins to release a collection of erotic short stories called Fairy Tales. Pictures of her dressed as various mythical creatures were featured in the book. 

Alexa Dernie Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Alexa Dernie Body Measurements 34-23-35 Inches
Alexa Dernie Bodytype Slim
Alexa Dernie Height 5 Feet 4 Inches (1.63 m)
Alexa Dernie Weight 105 lbs (48 Kg)
Alexa Dernie Waist 23 Inches
Alexa Dernie Hair Color Black
Alexa Dernie Eye Color Dark Brown
Alexa Dernie Shoe Size 6 (US)
Alexa Dernie Dress Size 2 (US)


Alexa Demie Relationship

According to Alexa’s relationship status, she is unmarried. However, she has been dating Christian Berishaj since 2018. Christian Berishaj is an R&B singer and music producer. In addition to having over 60k followers on Instagram, he is a popular singer.

 Alexa Demie

During the year 2017, Christian and Demie met through a music video she appeared in. A black and white picture of Christian with Alexa sitting on the floor with him was shared in December 2018 by Christian officially declaring his relationship with Demie. 


Furthermore, the two were not seen together after October 2020, and it is still unknown whether they are currently dating.

Alexa Demie Net Worth

When Alexa began working as an actress, her net worth was not very high, but after becoming a director, her net worth increased substantially. According to current estimates, she has a net worth of $6 million. The estimated salary of the employee is $215,000. 

 Alexa Demie

Moreover, It is due to her work as an actress in TV shows that she earns a high proportion of her income. In order to generate all the income she has generated, she must rely on the millions of fans who admire and love her very much. There is no doubt that Alexa will become a revolutionary star of the 21st Century in the upcoming years. As of now, she is living a luxurious and splendid lifestyle.

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