Everything You Need To Know About Elizabeth Huberdeau

John Cena’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, is a former wife of the wrestler. As an American woman, she is strong and independent. In the years following her marriage to John Cena, she became extremely popular on social media. Currently, she is working as a broker in the real estate industry. In order to become a renowned model, she had a goal. Due to unknown circumstances, she was unable to fulfil her dream.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

Quick Facts

Full name: Elizabeth Huberdeau


Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth: $10 million


Elizabeth Huberdeau Date of birth: September 28, 1979


Elizabeth Huberdeau Place of birth: West Newbury, Massachusetts, US


Elizabeth Huberdeau Age: 43 years (As of 2022)


Elizabeth Huberdeau Nationality: American


Elizabeth Huberdeau Horoscope: Libra


Elizabeth Huberdeau Occupation: Real Estate Businesswoman, Former model


Elizabeth Huberdeau Instagram: @lizhuberdeau


Elizabeth Huberdeau Twitter: @Cenaelizabeth


Elizabeth Huberdeau Weight: 146 lbs (66 kg)


Elizabeth Huberdeau Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)


Elizabeth Huberdeau Bra size: 36C


Elizabeth Huberdeau Shoe size: 6 US


Elizabeth Huberdeau Body measurements: 38-32-40 inches

Elizabeth Huberdeau Life

Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on 28 September 1979 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States. Her parents are Gene R. Huberdeau and Elizabeth A. Huberdeau, nee Jones. She is a citizen of the United States. In terms of religion, she identifies herself as a Christian.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

During her high school years, she attended Central Catholic High School. The two became romantically involved after meeting John Cena there. Upon completing her high school education, she enrolled in Springfield College to study business. While wrestling was Cena’s preferred profession, he also pursued other activities.


Elizabeth and John Cena announced their engagement during the promotion of their movie “12 Rounds” in 2009. Before they became engaged, neither of them disclosed their relationship.

Before she became a wife, she worked as a model. The fact that she is a model is not well known.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

John Cena and Elizabeth tied the knot on 11 July 2009 in New York City. However, she divorced John Cena after three years of marriage because he did not wish to have children with her. A number of people have claimed that John Cena has been in a relationship with Nikki Bella. Elizabeth Cena received $60 million in settlement from John Cena.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

Upon her divorce, she became completely private and disappeared from social media. In the end, she decided to join the real estate industry. Her current position is that of an agent responsible for coordinating construction, trading and exchanging. Also, she handles a variety of real estate matters, both on a private and business level.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

Several people claim that she is no longer active on social media, and no one knows where she resides at the present time.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Elizabeth Huberdeau

Q: What is the number of brothers Elizabeth Huberdeau has?

There are four brothers in Elizabeth’s family. Stephen is the older of the two, while Matt, Dan, and Sean are the younger three.

Q: Does Elizabeth have a husband?

She is the former wife of John Cena, a famous wrestler and television actor. The actor is well known for his performances in Leatherheads (2008) and License to Wed (2007).

Q: What is Elizabeth’s current address?

She disappeared from social media after her divorce and started working as a broker in Florida. There is no information about her current residence.

Q: Has Elizabeth Huberdeau been married?

There was no marriage after her divorce, and she kept her personal life private.

Q: Which physical characteristics does Elizabeth Huberdeau possess?

There is nothing more beautiful than Elizabeth, who has naturally brown hair and black eyes.

Q: How much is Elizabeth Huberdeau net worth?

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s total net worth is estimated to be between $10 million and $15 million, according to recent reports. She receives her income from the organization for which she works.


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