Everything You Need To Know About Jill Tavelman 

A well-known actress and TV personality in the United States is Jill Tavelman. In addition to being the ex-wife of Phil Collins, she is also an actress. As one of the most famous and wealthy drummers in the United States, Jill is among the most prominent. Lily Collins’ daughter, Jill Collins, is also well-known. 

Jill Tavelman 

Due to her excellent performance in Defence Lense and Stupid on Screen, her daughter gained fame. As a result of her work in Billy Bush and the Beginning, Jill captured the public’s attention. The rest of the details will be discussed in more detail later on.

Jill Tavelman Quick Facts

Real Name: Jill Tavelman 


Jill Tavelman Date of Birth: 9th April 1956


Jill Tavelman Place of Birth: LA, California, USA.


Jill Tavelman Age: 66 years old


Jill Tavelman Nationality: American


Jill Tavelman Profession: Actor, Tv Personality, Entrepreneur, Architect


Jill Tavelman Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Jill Tavelman Height: 5’6″ 


Jill Tavelman Weight: 60 kg


Jill Tavelman Spouse: Phil Collins


Jill Tavelman Children: Lily Collins


Jill Tavelman Instagram: @waverlyondoheny


Jill Tavelman Twitter: N/A

Jill Tavelman Life

The 9th of April 1956 marked the birth of Jill Tavelman. According to his records, he is 66 years old. Originally from Los Angeles Country, California, U.S., she lives in Los Angeles now.

Jill Tavelman 

In addition to being a citizen of the United States, she is also a British-Irish. Furthermore, she is sixty-four years of age and the sign of her horoscope is Aries.


Furthermore, her father was a Canadian Jewish native who owned a men’s clothing store in Beverly Hills, California. As for her mother, she was an actress and theater artist.

Jill Tavelman 

As far as her career is concerned, there is no additional information available. In regards to her former husband, Phil Tavelman is an English drummer, singer, songwriter, and record producer.


Similarly, he is well known for his role as drummer and singer of the rock band “Genesis” as well as for his solo efforts. During the period 1982 to 1990, Collins scored three UK number one singles and seven US number one singles. It is also important to note that while he was with Genesis, he collaborated with other artists.

Jill Tavelman 

When Phil Collins’ solo career is added up, he had more US Top forty singles than anyone else in the 1980s. The most successful singles from this period were “In the Air Tonight” and “It’s Your Time.”


In addition to “Bye Bye Bye Bye”, “One More Night”, and “Sussudio”, “Take Me Home”, and “Take Care of Yourself”,


Songs like “Two Hearts”, “A Groovy Kind of Love”, “Another Day in Paradise”, and “I Wish It Would Rain Down”. In the same way as Phil, his daughter is now a successful personality in her own right.


Moreover, Lily Collins has become a successful actress and model as well in her career. Her first role was in “Growing Pains”, a BBC series that she started watching at the age of 2.


According to a Spanish magazine, Lily was named International Model of the Year after wearing Chanel’s one dress at the Hôtel de Crillon in 2007. In 2011, the actress appeared in the movies “Priest”, “Abduction”, “Mirror Mirror”, and “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”.


In addition to “Stuck in Love” in 2012. In 2013, Lily won the New Hollywood Film Award for “The English Teacher” and “Love, Rosie.”.

Jill Tavelman Relationship

Currently, Jill Tavelman is single. Previously, she was married to Phil Collins. August 4, 1984 the was date of their wedding. 

In 1989, the couple had a daughter, Lily Collins, who was born on March 18, 1989. Lily is a British-American actress and a model. After twelve years of marriage, she and Phil divorced the following year on December 5, 1996.

Jill Tavelman 

She was married for the first and last time in her life. The situation was different for her former husband, Phil Collins, who had suffered from mammary cancer prior to his marriage to her.


The first wife of Phil was a Canadian named Andrea Bertorelli. When Genesis was performing in Vancouver, they met each other as students in a London drama class.


In England, the couple married at the age of twenty-four. In addition to adopting Bertorelli’s daughter, Phil also adopted her daughter Joely, who is also an actress and movie producer.


Phil’s first marriage produced a son, Simon Collins, who later became a singer and drummer with the rock band, “Sound of Contact”. Of course, she was Phil’s second wife.


While Collins was in the midst of a Genesis tour with Lavinia Lang in 1992, he was having an affair. An old classmate of mine from drama school.


A previous engagement existed between the couple; however, the relationship ended prior to the couple’s wedding. According to Collins, he filed for divorce in 1994 after declaring his feelings for Tavelman were over.

Jill Tavelman 

After two failed marriages, he married a Swiss national, Orianne Cevey, in his third marriage. During the 1999 tour, Orianne served as his translator and they met.


As a result of Phi’s third marriage, he has two sons, Nicholas and Matthew. In 2006, he divorced his third wife after they failed to maintain a healthy marriage. Once again, he was required to pay £25 million in settlement to Cevey.


In 2016, Collins released his autographed book titled “Not Dead Yet,” in which the author provided a history of his broken marriages. In 2016, Phil’s first wife filed a lawsuit against him for writing in his autobiography the details of all of his relationships.

Jill Tavelman 

Then, after all of this, Phil developed a romantic relationship with Dana Tyler, who works as an anchor for an American television news program. After that, he moved to Miami, Florida together with his two sons in an effort to be closer to them.

Jill Tavelman Net Worth

As a result of her work, Jill Tavelman earns a substantial income. Approximately $25-30 million is believed to be the net worth of Jill Tavelman, according to sources.

Jill Tavelman 

Additionally, Jill is able to earn revenue from her social media accounts as well.


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