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Jordy Burrows is a famous Australian personality. He is not very famous for his profession but is known as the husband of well-known Australian actress Nathalie Kelley. The actress is widely recognized for her roles in The Vampires Dairies, The Baker, and Beauty and Dynasty.

Jordy Burrows

Excluding Jordy Burrows’ relationship with an actress of Peruvian descent, Nathalie Kelley, the gossip world has little to no documentation regarding Burrows’ history or even his profession.

Tokyo Drift and Dynasty actress, the ex-husband of Nathalie Kelley, Jordy Burrows is an Australian-born DJ.

Jordy Burrows

However, he is supposedly a DJ and hospitality consultant. What is also on paper is that he is a native of Berowra in Sydney, Australia. The ex-husband of the Hispanic actress is a former student of Asquith Boys High School, Asquith, New South Wales.

Jordy Burrows

Jordy’s LinkedIn Other States After graduating from high school, he worked as the general manager of Ryan’s Hotels for nine years (2004-2013). Burrows then became manager of another restaurant, The Bucket List Bondi, Bondi Beach in August 2013.

Jordy Burrows

Four years later, Jordan would start working at the Bondi Beach Public Bar, again as manager and licensee.

Jordy Burrows Quick Facts


Real Name Jordy Burrows 
Jordy Burrows Known as Jordy Burrows
Jordy Burrows Gender Male
Jordy Burrows Famous As Businessman, Social Media Personality, and ex-husband of Hollywood actress Nathalie Kelley
Jordy Burrows Date of birth 1983
Jordy Burrows Age 40 years (2022)
Jordy Burrows Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Jordy Burrows Education Bachelor In Business Administration.
Jordy Burrows Nationality Australian
Jordy Burrows Ethnicity white
Jordy Burrows Religion Christianity
Jordy Burrows Father Name N/A
Jordy Burrows Mother Name N/A
Jordy Burrows Siblings N/A
Jordy Burrows Current Residence Sydney, Australia.


Jordy Burrows Zodiac Sign N/A
Jordy Burrows Height In Feet Inches: 6’ 0”

In Meters: 1.82 meters

In Centimeters: 182 cm

Jordy Burrows Weight In Kilograms: 72 KG

In Pounds: 158 lbs

Jordy Burrows Body Size N/A
Jordy Burrows Eye Color Gray
Jordy Burrows Hair Color Blond

Jordy Burrows Life, Family, and Education

Jordy Burrows (born 1983) is an American social media personality who has been married to Nathalie Kelley for more than a decade. Their marriage took place in August 2012 and their divorce took place in June 2014. The 39-year-old Jordy Burrows is an American social media personality and the ex-husband of the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise founder Nathalie Kelley. In October 2013, he created the #MyNameIsJordy Twitter account. He earns the majority of his income from the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise, as well as from other projects.

Jordy Burrows

Before that time, he was unknown to anyone. Therefore, there is no information regarding his family and siblings. The only member of his family who makes public appearances is his wife Kelly. In the years following his marriage to Nathalie, Jordy’s life changed significantly. In addition to having more time with his family after his marriage, he is grateful that he has such a wonderful family around him.


His children were younger when he spent a great deal of time with them. However, as they grew older, he felt that they should be able to function independently. As much as possible, Jordy maintains a close relationship with them, particularly with the children. Every aspect of their lives is enhanced by his assistance. Whenever he is at home, he always cooks food for his children to ensure they are spoiled every day.


In relation to Jordy’s educational background, neither he nor his wife has disclosed any information. However, everyone can see that he is an educated and well-informed individual. It is important that he receives appropriate training. Here is Jordy Burrows, who we are delighted to introduce to you.

Jordy Burrows

In fact, she has created a course called “How To Learn A New Language” that teaches you everything you need to know about getting started. By teaching you how to teach yourself a new skill or how to master a new skill, she facilitates your success. 

Jordy Burrows Career

Unlike most people, Jordy Burrows seems to be a person who keeps his career a secret. There is no information available about his personal or professional life. In contrast to Nathalie, Burrows has not worked as an actor or made any public appearances before she married Nathalie.

Jordy Burrows

Her meeting with him was one of the happiest days of her life. In no way did she anticipate that her life would undergo such a dramatic change. As far as Nathalie was concerned, she was ready to marry. Although it was not a love marriage, it was a civil union. Her initial reaction was shocked when she saw him for the first time. Initially, she believed he was another person, someone who she had imagined.

Jordy Burrows Net Worth

Jordy Burrows

There is no information available regarding Jordy’s exact net worth. Nevertheless, some reports suggest that Jordy Burrows earns a substantial income from his social media accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions Related To Jordy Burrows

Jordy Burrows: Who Is He?

Among the most famous Australian personalities is Jordy Burrows. While he is not well known for his profession, he is better known as the husband of the well-known Australian actress Nathalie Kelley.

What is Jordy Burrows’ height and weight?

All eyes have been focused on Jordy Burrows’ height and weight. It is true that he is rather tall. His height is six feet and his weight is 72 kilograms. In addition to his beautiful appearance, he has dark eyes and hair.

Has Jordy Burrows been married?

Yes, his wife’s name is Nathalie Kelley. When they got married, Nathalie Kelley told him, “I do not want you to call me by my name. Call me Mrs. Kelley.” He is not sure if he ever did that. The fact that he was able to call her by her first name when he felt it was appropriate was pleasing to him. During important conversations, she appreciated the fact that he would not hesitate to call her by her full name.

Jordy Burrow’s ex-wife, Nathalie Kelley, how wealthy is she?

 While Nathalie has been active in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years, she has not had as many breakout performances or profitable on-screen appearances as others. Although she is a moderately active actress in her own right, Tokyo Drift has yet to land the role that will define her career. There is the potential for her to reach the level of big showbiz buyers if she succeeds in this endeavor.


However, Kelley has, according to most reports, amassed a net worth in excess of half a million dollars.


However, it does not seem very practical for her to discuss the wealth of her ex-partner, Jordy Burrows. The main reason for this is that there are far fewer magazine discussions pertaining to Burrows. Besides this, there is no mention made of the financial gains he has derived from him.

How and where did Nathalie Kelley and Jordy Burrows first meet?

Several days before New Year’s Eve 2018, Burrows and Kelley met through a mutual friend. During that time, he was taking a break from the filming of First Station Dynasty. In the past 13 years, he had resided in the United States.


As she once described him, Burrows was extremely funny, laid-back, easygoing, not possessive or jealous, and incredibly kind and generous.


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