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Olivia Bolton is a British social media influencer and television personality. Her popularity increased when it was revealed that she was dating Tom Holland, the well-known British actor and Spider-Man star. 

Olivia Boltn

According to rumors, she had been friends with Tom Holland for a long time before they began dating. There is little information available about her relationship with Tom, as she leads a private life. This article provides an overview of Olivia Bolton’s life- biography, age, and net worth. 

Quick Facts


Name Olivia Bolton
Olivia Bolton Age 27 years (2022)
Olivia Bolton Date of Birth 1996
Olivia Bolton Nationality United States
Olivia Bolton Gender Female
Olivia Bolton Body Figure 34-24-35
Olivia Bolton Height 5’7
Olivia Bolton Parents Stephen Bolton, Sophie Fish
Olivia Bolton Siblings Grace Bolton
Olivia Bolton Boyfriend Tom Holland
Olivia Bolton Occupation Creative designer
Olivia Bolton Net worth $4 million

Olivia Bolton Life

As the ex-girlfriend of Tom Holland, Olivia Bolton is one of the most notable British personalities. In September 1996, she was born in England, United Kingdom. There is no information regarding her exact birth date or place of birth. 

Olivia Boltn

The names of her parents are Stephen Bolton and Sophie Fish. According to one of her interviews, her father is a businessman, while her mother is a housewife who was very involved in the upbringing of her children. 


There is little information available about her siblings. Apparently, Olivia Bolton has a younger sister named Grace Bolton, which bears a striking resemblance to her. While both of them grew up with their parents in their hometowns, Olivia Bolton currently resides in London, England. According to reports, Nottingham is the hometown, but there are many uncertainties surrounding this information.  

Olivia Boltn

There is little information available about Olivia Bolton’s educational background. In any case, it is safe to assume that she attended schools in her hometown. In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree, she attended Cardiff University. In addition to Grace, her younger sister is believed to have attended the same university as her. As a Christian, Olivia Bolton believes in God. By nationality, she is British and by ethnicity, she is white.

Olivia Bolton Body Measurement

In terms of height and weight, Olivia Bolton measures 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 55 kilograms, which is approximately 1.7 millimeters and 121 kilograms. Olivia has blonde hair and blue eyes, and her shoe size is 8 (United States), and her measurements are 34-24-35. 

Olivia Boltn

By ethnicity, she is white, British by nationality, Christian by faith, and a social media personality by profession. 

Olivia Bolton: What does she do?

The professional life of Olivia Bolton is virtually inaccessible to the general public. Currently, her Instagram account is set to private. While dating the famous actor, she tries to live a normal, average life. Being in a relationship with someone who is in the spotlight is difficult. However, she makes efforts to do so. It is due to her that we give credit. 

Olivia Boltn

According to reports, she works in a digital production company in London, although little is known about her job duties. 

Olivia’s Social Media Status

There are several Olivia Boltons available on the internet. However, Olivia Bolton of England has made a very clear distinction between her professional and private lives. 


There are over 40.5k followers on her Instagram account (@livbolton00), but it is private. With a little over 500 followers on Twitter, the same can be said of her Facebook account. 


Olivia Bolton Social media Handle
Olivia Bolton Instagram @livbolton00
Olivia Bolton Twitter  Olivia_Bolton


What’s Makes Olivia Bolton More Famous?

One of Olivia Bolton’s most notable roles is as a one-time girlfriend of Tom Holland. Olivia’s parents were long-time family friends of the Holland family, which led Tom and Olivia to become friends. Several times, Olivia was said to have been mistaken for Tom’s cousin, according to reports. The two of them have several childhood photographs of each other. 

Olivia Boltn

However, recent events have demonstrated that this is not the case. The two were spotted together romantically in a private location in 2019 when Olivia reportedly began dating Tom Holland. In April 2020, they reportedly broke up for undisclosed reasons. Although they are no longer close friends, they remain good friends. There is no need to be harsh. 


Olivia Bolton appears to be a very fun and high-spirited individual. With a beer in hand, she enjoys attending parties and festivals with friends and family (even Tom Holland’s brothers).  

Olivia Bolton Old friend

There is no doubt that most of what you are going to read about Olivia will be related to Tom’s life. It appears that Tom and Olivia have been friends for a long time. 

Olivia Boltn

While the two have been friends for many years, they have only recently become aware of their special connection. Tom and Olivia were spotted together at a music festival, which led to speculation that the two were dating.

Olivia Bolton Breaking Twitter

There is a little-known fact that Olivia may have actually broken Twitter on the day the news broke. What is the news? In this instance, the news broke that Tom Holland isn’t dating Zendaya, but rather an unknown, a childhood friend, the mystery blonde, Olivia Bolton. 

Olivia Boltn

While many Tom and Zendaya fans were devastated to hear the news, Tom Holland was actually relieved that the news had finally been revealed. There is no doubt that Olivia must have been delighted as well.

Olivia Bolton Sister

The fact that Grace’s Instagram account is not set to private probably allows us to know more about Olivia’s sister, Grace. In any case, it provides us with a little glimpse into Olivia’s world. According to Grace’s social media accounts, Tom’s brothers follow Olivia as well. 

Olivia Boltn

The fact that Grace attended Cardiff University could also imply that Olivia was a graduate of that institution.

Olivia Bolton Relationship

We would like to conclude by saying that Olivia has the unanimous approval of her family. In addition to the fact that her family and Tom’s family have known each other for a long time, it appears that Tom is deeply attracted to her; friends and other family members have all confirmed this. Tom Holland has become a familiar face to us in the last few years as a result of his role in the movie, and we know that he is a decent individual. 

Olivia Boltn

We can only conclude that Olivia must be just as decent as we consider her to be – and perhaps even better. There is no doubt that she appears to be. There is no doubt that many fans will go into defensive mode if Spiderman aka Tom Holland is injured during the course of this ongoing drama.


Olivia Bolton Net worth 

Olivia Bolton’s professional career is unknown to the general public, but her net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Olivia Boltn

Additionally, it is estimated that she earns a monthly income of $333 thousand from her career. 


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