Faze Jarvis Youtuber Banned For Lifetime From Playing Fortnite?

If you follow YouTubers then you surely know who is Faze Jarvis. Although Faze has officially left the Faze Clan, he is still famous and loved worldwide.

He actively posts on his Youtube account, Jarvis in order to engage and entertain his fans. You would be sad to know that Faze Jarvis has went through some serious trauma as he has been forbid to play Fortnight for lifetime.

The British teenage YouTube star, Faze Jarvis has been banned from playing Fortnite because he was caught cheating during the game. However, her mother defended him all along as well as raged over the online community for criticizing her son. She stood in her Faze’s defense and appealed to the concerned authorities to unban him as playing the game is his passion and he is literally broken without it. 

Faze Jarvis


Faze literally broke into tears while confessing that he bended the game rules but he is truly sorry for doing so. As he was caught red-handed, he has been banned for the whole life. Unfortunately, Faze had to leave the Faze Clan following this controversy, which made things worse.

You must know that while growing in a middle-class family with his mother, who works as a consultant in an established company, Jarvis has made the around 2 million dollars as well as has earned more than PS27,500 worth from influencer marketing and brand endorsements.

Its all thanks to his 2 million+ subscribers that Jarvis succeeded in making so much fortune at such a young age. We hope that sometime in the future, Faze Jarvis will be able to get back in the game and make up for the lost time.

Faze Jarvis banned

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