Five ways to improve mental health and make you happy in your life!

People are more focusing on their health nowadays. The year 2020 is all about physical and mental health. People are going in depression due to many reasons like some take tensions due to their hectic daily work routine.

Many scientists are working on mental health and finding how behaviour can improve your overall health. Here are five ways to improve mental health in 2020 that make you happy in your life.

Practice optimism

Optimism is to look into the bright side of life that is important for our positive side of life. Optimists have less chance of heart attack and other heart diseases. They stay positive, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

People who keep themselves happy they have a healthy immune system and live longer and happy as well. According to a 2019 study, people wit positive attitude have a great life and living to 85 or beyond.

However, there are some facts also, being an optimist does not mean to ignore the stress. You deal with things wisely instead to blame yourself. Even though in all obstacles and challenges, you handle the things carefully and stay positive.

According to science, you can control your brain and stay more positive and can face all the challenges. Neuroscientist Richard Davidson, who is the founder of Center for healthy minds, said that the research indicates that optimism can be enhanced.

However, certain types of training and work on mental health have positive attitudes on mental and physical health.

Now the mental exercises are therapies introduced to people that have a downstream impact on the body. For example, the Best possible self is the most effective technique to increase your optimism.

All depends on the exercises in which you imagine yourself with all your problems solved in future. A study claims that people who do or 15 minutes in a wee over eight weeks they become positive and active and remained for six months.

Start Volunteering

Many activities are also helpful to improve mental health. If you want to satisfy your brain, you should start volunteering because studies show that putting well being of others in which you do not expect anything in return called being altruistic that stimulates brain activity.

Volunteering also has some physical benefits, such as release stress and depression. Moreover, reduce the risk for cognitive impairment and help to live longer. It is like an act of kindness or giving that show your kindness and reduce the sense of pain.

One interesting study was found in which said people who donate money for orphans and less sensitive to electric shock as compare to those who declined to give.

Be Grateful

as we always hear, ” count your blessings and stay grateful.” Yes! Be grateful therapy protects us from anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues. People who practice gratitude have fewer behavioural problems.

Experts say that thankfulness should be part of your life. Well, it happens with the practice like you can keep in mind with those people who help you always. Support and appreciate people it always makes them grateful.

Grow Your Social Connections

people who always connected with family, friends and other community they are happier people as compare to those who are less connected.

This thing cleared f Harvard psychiatrist Robert Waldinger in his TEDx talk. The study was also approved that taken from the Harvard Study of Adult Development, 75 Boston men were selected who were more than 75 years and started following more than of their wives and offspring.

The clear result was that good relationship keeps us healthier and happy. Moreover, Waldinger also said that quality of relationship always matters. Marriage without affection always bad for our health and lead to people divorced.

Find Your Life Purpose

I think we all have some goals in our lives and if you have not any goal, then you should believe that what’s the purpose of your life.

Studies say that find your purpose in life because it contributes to making well your life happier and satisfied. Cofounder of University of Pennsylvania psychologist Martin Seligman said ” the sense of purpose always come as the part of something bigger than ourselves.” furtherly he added that the religion, family and social connection s increase the, eaning in our lives.

Therefore always ask yourself what the purpose of your life is? Make your plans and follow them; they will always make you happy and satisfied. As Lord Richard Layard, who is the Britain prominent economists, said” spiritual practices can range from meditation to positive psychology to cognitive therapy.


It is concluded that mental health is important, as physical health. Here we have provided you with important ways by which you can keep your mind fresh and healthy.

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