Florida Woman, 36, Jailed At 15 For Grisly Murder Now Lives High Life After Being Freed!

Together they hurt, punished, and burned Air Force veteran Cordell Richards to his life before returning the following day to send him off with a knife. But Kristel Maestas and Ronald Bell will likely depart behind bars for the ‘shocking’ slaying. He is enjoying a comfortable middle-class life in a Florida suburb. And he is the third member of their evil trio.


Bell, the son of a Minister and ex-girlfriend Maestas, were aged 17 and 16, respectively, when they were seized. They killed Richards in February 1999 at Fort Walton Beach’s Panhandle city.

Accomplice Renee Lincks tied Richards, father-of-two, to a tree and took turns beating him with wood at 15.


While the other teens were jailed for their whole life when they were convicted of first-degree murder, Lincks was ready to plead no contest to charges of manslaughter and imprisonment reciprocally for indicating against them.


Lincks would ultimately serve just 12 during a medium-security prison when she was only 15 years old maximum.

12708306-6956615-image-m-65_1556198579819-183x300Renee Lincks, 36, was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for the 1999 murder of Air Force veteran Cordell Richards when she was 15 years old. Afterward she was rescued at age 28 in 2012.


After being rescued from the jail, the Lincks is enjoying a standard life in Florida City. Last week, the above picture was captured when she returned home after shopping for some home goods and dog treats. She purchased all these items from the Ross market.

In Homestead, she starts her new life. And then she purchased a new and first house for her with a female partner. (You can see the couple in the picture.)


The badly injured dead body of 31 years old “Cordell Richards” was found in a burned condition while tying to a tree. The incident occurred in March 1999 near Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Last week, Bell and Maestas appeared in court at the age of 30. They are making their appeal for their sentences under the Supreme Court’s ruling that said mandatory life without parole for juveniles was illegal.

A judge overruled their wishes. He dashed her dream of release by supporting both life terms. However, an equivalent can’t be said of Lincks at the age of 28, who was freed in 2012.

DailyMail.com exposes that since the tattooed felon has purchased a home in the south of Miami and made fun of new life in Homestead. There she purchased her brand new first house recently with her female partner.

Moreover, her happy-go-lucky lifestyle is set to bare in her posts of social media. It shows that her sipping drinks by a pool, dressing dogs up in Christmas outfits, and partying with girlfriends.

When DailyMail.com proposed the now 36-year-old in the week to talk about Lincks’ case. Then she denied discussing her dark and awful past. ‘How did you recognize my name?’ she caught at our reporter. ‘I’m not getting to answer any of your questions.’

Richards’ family understood the necessity for a plea deal within the original 2000 prosecution. Moreover, they regarded it as a necessary evil to secure incriminating proof against two of the three. But they need always felt Lincks was integral to the killing. And she will even be locked up for the rest of the life

‘Without a doubt in my mind, she should still be behind bars,’ the slain Airman’s youngest daughter Rei Richards, 24, told DailyMail.com.

‘Renee Lincks was an active part of the method – she is simply the maximum amount of a monster because the remainder of them are.’



Lincks Bare style of her life and get-together with friends are not far from the eye of social media. They captured her whenever they found her at any event.


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