Gemma’s Father Gives Up On Forgiving His Son

Tony McCluskie murdered his sister, and Gemma McCluskie gave up his efforts to forgive the son for the murder. McCluskie gave the caption ” stand by” his son Tony who has convicted of the murder of his daughter at home in 2012.

She battered his sister after a furious row over his addiction to skunk cannabis and using knives and meat cleaver to cut off his limbs and head and dumped them in a canal. The father made good on his promise and sent letters to Tony at HMP High down. However, now he has turned back after no repentance for the murder.

Every letter was the same and did not show any remorse, not an ounce of remorse. The father said I am trying to support Tony because he is not showing any remorse. She was an actress and killed when she returned back from the opening of the new Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

Gemma had been left in charge in Shoreditch, east London, and her mother was hospitalized due to MRSA infection after removing brain tumor surgery. In CCTV footage, it was seen that her body was bundled in a heavy suitcase in the back of a taxi, and the driver asked him what was in it, and he replied, my sister.

The judge said that he was responsible for utterly cold-blooded and determined killing. She worked s a barmaid and enjoyed success in the BBC soap as Kerry at the age of 17 in 2000. McCluskie spent most of his time in his room and smoked up to 15 cannabis joints and drank ten pints of lager fortified with tequila shorts.

Gemma McCluskie’s

Well, he acted as a concerned brother and posed for photographs with an appeal poster. He texted his sister and pretended he did not know she was dead. one message was ‘love ya xxx.’
Their father said he lost two children, Gemma, the love of my life, and eldest son Tony.

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