Hart Denton Body Measurement and Net Worth

If you are one of the many people addicted to Riverdale, then you already have a thorough understanding of Hart Denton.

Hart Denton Body Measurement and Net Worth

Actor who has already disturbed the messed-up town of Riverdale Season 3. During the original run of the series, he portrayed Chic, the unknown half-brother of Lili Reinhart, aka Betty Cooper.


He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States of America. According to the story behind his unusual name, his parents wanted to be surprised by the gender of their child.

Moreover, his lips formed the shape of a heart the first time her mother saw him. That is the time when Hart’s name was coined.

Hart Denton Body Measurement

Being a model, Hart Denton stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches or 180.5 cm.



Hart Denton Body Measurement and Net Worth


There is no doubt that Hart is one of the industry’s hottest male models and actors. During an interview, he disclosed that he is training under the guidance of Alex Fine.


He taught Denton that exercise is an integral part of the way he lives. During the course of a month, he was able to undergo a significant transformation.


As a result, Hart now has the hot six-pack abs that every man desires. This actor has achieved one thing after another through hardship, determination, and passion.

Hart Denton Net Worth

The versatile actor has never looked back since he entered the fashion industry. He soon became involved in the movie industry as well. It is impossible to estimate how much Hart earned from his role as Chic in Riverdale alone.

Hart Denton Body Measurement and Net Worth

Moreover, in August 2022, Denton’s estimated net worth will be $2 million.


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