How To Create A Batch (bat.) File In Windows 10 To Run Your Commands!

From the past to the present, computers are operated by using different commands. Even if you want to open a new folder then you must type a command in the MS-DOS interface to open it. And this will need some professional qualifications and skills. Because everything can operate through specific coding.

However, the technological advancement makes things easier. As you “mouse” will help you to access anywhere on the computer and there is no need for coding.

Moreover, touch systems and voice recognition can make them all easier.

But it does not mean that coding is completely superseded. Besides all, it will work all the time and you can make apps and games through it.

But what will be the best coding for windows 10? Due to this, Microsoft cannot leave the notepad besides basic text editor to make Batch files or programs.

What is a Batch (.bat) file?

It is an amazing way to update your chores in windows. You can use Notepad editor by using some windows commands and make it a batch file. However, it can’t add to the taskbar.

But you can enhance the productivity and flexibility of your windows. Though, by using it you can complete your tasks with less time.

Here, we will tell you how you can make a batch file in Windows 10. You can also assimilate it with any task of your PC’s app or program.

Creating Batch File in Windows 10

  • First right-click on anywhere on the screen. Then click “New” and select the option “Text Document” from the given options.
  • Now you should add a unique command in that text file.

For example, you are using a random code to create my batch file. Then you have to insert the code in the text file as:  Start “C:\Program Files (x86)\Riot\Riot.exe”

This is just an example you have to add a specific command according to your own app or program.

  • You should just replace your own destination file with above mention path code. And if want to add another file then just copy/paste it notepad.
  • After doing it just click on the file and save it by selecting “Save As”.
  • Now you have to open “New Dial Box” then go to “All Files” and rename your “Bat” file extension to make it a batch file.
  • By doing this, you can see your batch file on your computer screen.

Moreover, if you run it by double click then it will open that program for which you have made it.

We can hope that you can easily create your batch file by following just a few simple steps for having a batch file.

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