How to Fix Last Line No Longer Available Error on iPhone 13?

Would you like to know how to resolve the error ‘Last Line No Longer Available’? Once your iPhone 13 has been updated to iOS 13, and you are unable to receive or send messages, you may see a message that reads ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ when the phone is connected to iTunes. 


There is a possibility that this error occurs when the new music files and voice recordings differ from those of iTunes and other apps. You will find some solutions in this article to the problem of ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ on iPhone 13.

Ways to Fix iPhone Last Line no Longer Available:

In the case of an iPhone, you may be familiar with the problem of not all of your text messages appearing on the screen. There has been a widespread report of this issue by many users. The reason for this is that there are a few technical issues, which can easily be resolved.  


If the last line on your iPhone is no longer available, you can perform some troubleshooting steps in order to resolve the issue.

Restart your iPhone:

It is important to restart your iPhone periodically so that it can run faster and eliminate any glitches that may be affecting its performance. It is necessary to hold the Sleep/Wake button for approximately 6 seconds until the red slider appears on the screen in order to restart your phone. 


Afterwards, slide it. In the event it does not resolve this issue for you, we will examine other options that may be able to assist you.

Reset Network Settings:

You may be able to resolve the “Last Line No Longer Available” error on your iPhone by resetting the network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and tap the option again to reset the network settings.

Turn off LTE:

To resolve the error that the last line of your phone is no longer available, you must turn off LTE by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE and turning it off instead of using the Cellular Data option under the Cellular Data section.

Turn On/Off Airplane Mode:

Whether you believe it or not, airplane mode is my go-to solution for any network-related issues on iPhone. In the event of an occasional network glitch, I will usually resolve the issue by resetting the radios. 


Therefore, please consider giving this nifty hack a try before moving on to other fixes. You can enable airplane mode by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen (on iPhones without a home button).

Remove and Reinsert Your SIM:

You have not been able to resolve the issue using any of the solutions above? Put the SIM card back in by removing it and reinserting it. There are many times when using this age-old trick can help you resolve cellular-related issues. 


To remove the SIM tray from your iPhone, turn it off and use a SIM-ejector tool. After a few seconds, reinsert the physical SIM card. Then, hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn the device on. Using your iPhone’s default line, place a call and determine whether you receive the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ error message.

Update Software:

Nowadays, most iOS versions are plagued by a multitude of bugs. Although some of these issues are resolved through subsequent updates, others, especially the less commonly reported ones, persist for a considerable period of time. Furthermore, we have listed some of the most common iOS 15 problems and their solutions in the linked article. 


In spite of the fact that it seems critical of Apple’s mobile operating system, it is a harsh truth. In the event that the error continues to occur when making a call through the default line, a bug is likely to be responsible for the problem. 


It is therefore possible that the problem can be resolved by updating the software. In the event that you are still experiencing the error when calling through the default line, it is likely to be caused by a bug. Thus, it is possible that the problem can be resolved by updating the software.

Frequently Asked Questions On How to Fix ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ on iPhone 13:

What does the last line no longer available mean on iPhone 13 Pro Max?

If the message “Last line no longer available” appears, the SIM card you’re using cannot make calls. Moreover, you will be asked whether to use another SIM card in your iPhone to continue the call.

Why am I getting a notification saying the last line is no longer available?

Why is the Last Line No Longer Available? On an iPhone that uses dual-SIM functionality, this error appears to affect the preferred line. You may encounter this issue if you have more than one cellular plan linked to your iPhone, such as a standard SIM card and an eSIM card.

What does last call no longer available mean?

There have been reports of iPhone users receiving the error message “Last Line No Longer Available” when trying to call a contact. Apparently, the error message appears after a recent update following which the device is unable to select a line to make the phone call you have requested.

How long does the iPhone unavailable last?

After you fail seven times, you will be locked out of the system for at least five minutes. If you enter the wrong passcode more than twice, you will be locked up for 15 minutes or an hour depending on how many times you enter the wrong code. In brief, the passcode on the iPhone is a security measure.

How do I fix the last line no longer available on my iPhone 12?

It is necessary to perform the following steps in order to resolve the error “Last line no longer available” on the iPhone:

  1. Make sure your phone’s software is updated. It is important to note that updates are constantly being deployed to correct this issue since it is tied to a newly-released version of iOS.
  2. The SIM card should be reinserted.
  3. Delete the call log.
  4. You should reboot your device.

What does it mean when iPhone says iPhone unavailable?

If you see the iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout Screen, it indicates that the phone is no longer available for use, and you will need to wait for a certain period of time before you can try again. It usually occurs when you enter the wrong passcode too many times, either intentionally or unintentionally.

How do I force restart my iPhone 13?

You can force a restart of the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or any iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 model by pressing and quickly releasing the volume up button, pressing and quickly releasing the volume down button, then pressing and holding the side button. Release the button when you see the Apple logo.

Why does my iPhone say iPhone unavailable try again in 15 minutes?

When you receive the message “iPhone is disabled, try again in 15 minutes. “, it means that if there are two more attempts without the correct passcode, you will be unable to use your iPhone for an hour. It is important that you do not try to guess the passcode right away.

How do I update my carrier settings?

Using the Settings app on your phone, tap General, and then tap About. 3. Go to the Carrier section. If a new update is available, you will see an option next to Carrier.


Basically, these are all the methods available to resolve the issue of ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ on iPhone 13 or older iPhone models. According to the information provided above, the problem may be related to the network. 


Therefore, it may be a good idea to reset the network settings or update the carrier settings in order to resolve the issue. Please let me know which solution helped you resolve the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ error on your iPhone.