How to get water out of a charging port?

It is not uncommon to understand how to get water out of charging port of a smartphone. No matter how you spend your time, whether you are dining, exercising, or even swimming, if your cell phone is closed, you are consistently at risk. 

how to get water out of charging port

Water cannot be removed from a phone once it has been soaked, since it will never be the same after being submerged. It is possible that, in the worst-case scenario, your phone will become completely useless. A common misconception is that placing your device in a bag of uncooked rice overnight will absorb moisture from within and reduce any damage caused by moisture. 


Nevertheless, rice is only capable of absorbing a small portion of moisture, so this method does not actually work. The purpose of this article is to provide the best solutions for a wet smartphone, as well as a list of essential dos and don’ts.

How to understand that there is water in a charging port? 

The most recent Android and Apple devices are equipped with a moisture detection feature. This device detects moisture in your device’s charging connector and alerts you to the presence of moisture.


  • In the event that a charger is connected to a damp device, Apple products will display the message: “Charging not available: Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector.” 


  • If one attempts to plug a charger or an auxiliary device into a damp Android handset, the warning “Disconnect cable: Moisture has been detected” or “Unplug charger: Moisture has been detected” will appear.


When your phone is not charging properly, you may be able to detect water if you do not have the latest models.  Rather than attempting to dry it on your own, call customer service or contact a reliable phone repair company.

What can be the results of water damage to a charging port?

In spite of the fact that water and electricity are known as best friends, moisture in your smartphone is a serious health hazard. Your smartphone’s charger port may become clogged with moisture, resulting in the inability to charge itself. 

how to get water out of charging port

When you connect your wet charging port to an adapter by accident, you are at risk of receiving an electric shock. It is possible that water will inadvertently cause complete damage to your smartphone, resulting in a loss of your hard-earned money.

What are the ways to get water out of a charging port?

how to get water out of charging port

You do not need to panic if your phone accidentally gets wet or if you accidentally drop it in the water. There are a few things you can do right now to prevent major damage to your phone. The following steps should be followed carefully:


  • As soon as possible, unplug your cell phone and turn it off


  • The first thing you should do when your phone comes into contact with water is to turn it off


  • The electronic circuit of your phone will be shorted if it is left on after being wet. This could lead to its malfunctioning or total failure


  • Remove all accessories, including chargers, headphone cords, and even the phone case, as soon as possible


  • Remove any remaining dampness


  • With a soft cotton cloth, gently rub the charging port inwards and clean it. Make sure you are only cleaning your charging port and not inserting the cotton inside


  • Make sure you clean gently and do not use pressure. The reason for this is that pressure can lead to the absorption of water within your smartphone


  • Allow your phone to dry on its own


  • The most effective method of drying a cell phone is to allow it to dry naturally. Most of the time, the water inside the port will evaporate within a few hours 


  • When you are doing this, make sure that the phone is upright. The water will not be able to get any deeper inside your phone if you set it upright


It is important to avoid the following actions. On the Internet, there is a great deal of misleading information regarding water-damaged smartphones. It is important to note that most of these suggestions will not help you and may even make things worse. 


For this reason, it is important to remember the following: 


  • Make sure your phone is kept away from rice, cat litter, or silica gel packages
  • Do not use a heating element to dry your cell phone (if you choose to use a hairdryer to dry your phone faster, make sure the setting is ‘cool’ and not ‘hot’)


  • It is not recommended to insert anything into the charging port, such as q-tips or napkins

What to do if you cannot fix the issue by yourself?

Having discussed all the first aid measures you can follow to prevent water damage to your charging port, the dilemma is what to do if, even after following the steps provided above, the damage persists. 

how to get water out of charging port

If this is the case, Simply Fixable’s reliable smartphone repair service can be your phone’s best ally. With Simply Fixable, you can be sure that you are dealing with one of the top-five percent of the best technicians in the United States. 


Once you have contacted our customer service department, we will begin the repair process.  One of the best features of our service is that we can get everything back on track within 30 minutes. In order to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction, we strive to exceed their expectations. 

how to get water out of charging port

It is not necessary to wait. Don’t let water become your smartphone’s enemy. Get in touch with Simply Fixable today.


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