Iann Dior Bio, Career, Net Worth, Social Platforms

Iann Dior is a rapper, singer, and songwriter born on March 25, 1999, in Puerto Rico, United States. Actually, his real name is Michael Ian Olmo. His best sings are Emotions, romance 361, and Gone Girl and famous for the release of his album Industry plant.

His real name is Michael  Ian Olmo. His parents’ names are Tommo Olmo and Anabelle Olmo. He grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. The surprising thing is that his songs achieved 40 million streams on many platforms.


Before singing career, Iann Dior had already forged his footprints when he stepped behind the mike in 2018.  His friends really appreciated him, and that’s why he decided to start singing in the industry.

He sang very well, and producer Taz Taylor helped him so much to publicize his work.  Taz Taylor has his own music production company, internet money, and Iann started to make money in a concise time.

After that in February 2019, his single Cutthroat was so popular in hip hop world. It became famous on Youtube and Soundcloud.

After some time, Iann Dior released her tracks emotions, Molly, and romance 361  and they all went ballistic online. At this time, all these have 20 million streams and counting.

In 2019, the Iann’s music got the attention of at least 10k projects executive Elliot Grainge. He worked with many hip-hop artists and collaborated with  PnB Rock, Juice WRLD and Bernard Jabs. Another album “Nothing Ever Good Enough’ released on April 12.

Net Worth of Iaan  Dior

The estimated net worth of Iann Dior is $300,000 and spending a happy life.

Social Platforms

Iann Dior Instagram account has 166k+ followers. His personal  Youtube Channel brandishes 64K+ subscribers.


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