Jailyne Ojeda

Jailyne Ojeda is a hot Instagram Model born on the 9th of January in the year 1998. She was born and brought up in the town of Arizona. The name of her parents is still unknown but there is information about her Siblings. She has two sisters Alondra and Omoale, and a brother Jonathan Ojeda, aka Johnny who is an active Instagrammer.


However, he is trying to become like his sister. Jailyne is a Hot Instagram Model who is always busy posting her hot pictures. She also works for a different company and promotes them as an Instagram Influencer. Besides that she loves to travel in her spare time, she uses this habit also to earn from social media. There is a different account of her on Instagram on which she posts her traveling pictures with destinations and beautiful views

Moreover, her personal life is not a secret, as we can see everything on her Instagram account. Which points that she is currently single and happy. The time she could use in dating, she is using it in traveling and working to promote brands and earn. Except that there is no information in media also about her previous relationships. so with all that, we can judge that she is single or in a secret relationship.

With millions of followers, Jailyne helps the brands to earn billions, as we discussed her primary source of earning is ad campaigns and photoshoots. And with only this, the Estimated net worth of Jailyne Ojeda is $5 Million.

At such young age, she is earning millions and of course, there is a future where she will have a relationship and earn a lot more. So stay tuned to get updates

Jailyne Ojeda Basic Information 

  • Jailyne Ojeda Date of Birth: 9 January 1998
  • Jailyne Ojeda Age: 23
  • Jailyne Ojeda Nationality: American
  • Jailyne Ojeda Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Jailyne Ojeda Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Jailyne Ojeda Hair Color: Black
  • Jailyne Ojeda Horoscope: Capricorn
  • Jailyne Ojeda Spouse: Unknown
  • Jailyne Ojeda Networth: $5 Million
  • Jailyne Ojeda Instagram Followers: 13.6 Million

Jailyne Ojeda Body Measurements: 

  • Jailyne Ojeda Height: 5.5 inches 
  • Jailyne Ojeda Weight: 60 kg
  • Jailyne Ojeda Shoe Size: 8 (US)
  • Jailyne Ojeda Bra Size: 34
  • Jailyne Ojeda Measurements: 34-33-46
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