Jeremy Meeks Body Measurement and Net Worth

American fashion model Jeremy Meeks appeared in the music video WIFI by Russian singer Olga Buzova. No one likes him on the runway as he nails every style and trend with swagger. 

Jeremy Meeks Body Measurement and Net Worth

Jeremy is most notable for the bad-boy vibes that make those around him go wild. The model possesses hypnotizing eyes and a seductive appearance.


Jeremy Meeks was born in Stockton, California, United States and held the nationality of America.


It is well known that prison facilities are intended as correctional facilities. By doing so, the culprit can reflect on their bad behaviour and improve their lives. Jeremy Meeks became a model after going to prison.

Jeremy Meeks Body Measurement and Net Worth

Although Jeremy Meeks’ father’s name is unknown, he has served 33 years in prison for rape and murder. Katherine Angier’s father was sentenced to prison for armed robbery in Wichita, Kansas, before he met and married her. Tacoma, Washington, was the location of their wedding in 1983.


Jeremy Meeks has two brothers, Emery Meeks and Bryan Varela. Furthermore, he has a sister, Leanne Rominger, who cares for him as if he were her child. Growing up without a father and mother is not easy, but he did just fine.

Jeremy Meeks Body Measurement 

Jeremy’s brown hair and blue eyes are distinctive features that make her fans jealous.

Jeremy Meeks Body Measurement and Net Worth

Through training, Jeremy Meeks has obtained the perfect chest, waist, and bicep measurements of 42-32-16 inches. As a 6-feet model, the model is always recognizable on the runway. Considering that he is a slim model, he weighs approximately 165 pounds or 75 kilograms. 

Jeremy Meeks Net Worth

There is no doubt that the hot felon, Jeremy Meeks has mastered the bad boy look. Instagram is home to one of the highest-paid men in the world. Moreover, the cost of each Instagram post alone ranges from $30K to $50K. As a model for modelling brands, he receives $15K to $30K per month and $180K to $360K per year.

Jeremy Meeks Body Measurement and Net Worth

According to Meeks, he drives a black Maserati that has a market value of $135K, which results in an annual income of approximately $1 million.


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